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4 Most interesting applications of laser cutting technology

In the past few years, it has become a staple to many industries that involve cutting and carving materials. Its ability to work on a wide range of materials makes it the most versatile tool. Whether you want a smooth straight line, an intricate pattern, or engrave materials with different thicknesses, laser cutting with ACT Laser would be your best pal. 

From cutting fabrics for fashion designing to crafting wood and plastic toys and puzzles, laser cutters are your perfect choice. It offers high precision, low lead time, versatility in cutting, low power consumption, and reduced waste. Here are some interesting applications of laser cutting technology in various industries.



  • Applications in the automotive industry


The automotive industry needs to replicate and reproduce parts and components with precision and a laser cutting tool delivers exactly that. It transforms metals and plastic into different vehicle body pieces, vehicle structures, interior parts, and other electronic components. 

It also helps in marking the manufactured component with part numbers and serial numbers for accurate assembly. Laser cutters can be used to make dies that are used to cut other pieces. One of the most common things cut by a laser cutter that one sees in a vehicle is the instrument panel or the engine frame.



  • Tools, molds, and die industry


When it comes to replicate a cut multiple times, the first thing that comes to mind is a die. A die is the easiest to achieve precise replication each time. It saves plenty of time and effort and accelerates the outcomes. As laser cutters can work on almost every material and cut it up to varying depths, these can make perfect dies.

Similar to that, you can easily and precisely make molds using laser cutting technology. If the molds are damaged for some reason, you can quickly and cost-effectively reproduce them using laser cutters. Apart from that, laser cutters can be used to make tiny and sturdy hand-held tools for carving and crafting.



  • Jewelry making


Laser cutting finds home in jewelry making. It offers to be an obvious choice for crafting tiny elements involved in jewelry making. Consider a watch with several small gears. Imagine crafting all those gears by hand and replicating them accurately for every watch. Laser cutting accelerates the entire process and accomplishes it with minimum waste and much lesser production time. The technology is also perfect for marking these grain-sized components for easy and rapid assembly.



  • The medical device manufacturing industry


Implementation of laser in the medical field is one of the most promising and rapidly growing applications of the technology. From least intrusive surgeries to making medical devices, the laser has found its place in several aspects of the medical industry. 

In the present times, surgeons prefer laser surgeries that allow carrying out the procedure with the smallest and most precise cuts possible. The technology is also used in the making of instruments that help to make a patient’s life better. These instruments include stunts, vascular clips, valve framers, shafts, and hones, etc.

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