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Instagram is addicting, infact many of the experts believe the Instagram has the ability to trigger insane amount of dopamine, atleast enough to keep you going for the cause you are in it for. Many people use tools to view to Instagram profile of private accounts. Well it all starts with “ Like Instagram Profile “ and likewise with everything good in life, it should be dealt with calculation and consciousness.

All of us use/used/will be using Instagram in one part of our life or the other and that’s why it is important to consider whether you should just go through likes all over the place for everyone or should you invest likes like the bitcoins. I would go for the investing options and I got my 4 reasons to support this argument. Lets see these 4 reasons for why blindly going for giving likes to each and every post is not a good thing.

  1. If it’s your habit to just open up the Instagram and basically just like whatever comes up, then this can cost you in multiple ways. Firstly the profile which you give “ unnecessary likes “ starts to get the wrong notion of being all in all, making them cocky.
  2. It will reduce your own worth. Think about it this way, if someone gives you likes on all of your post whether they are funny, sad or whatever kind of post they are then you better know that particular person has nothing important to do all day, they are just social media addict. The same goes for you, if you’re everywhere, you are no special. It goes like this.
  1. Instagram has a unique algorithm so every activity you do is shared with all of your followers. Now this gives a huge impact when you are doing insane amount of activities as who knows whichever activity gets shared. To elaborate it, let me show you a scenario. Let’s say you liked a picture of Hitler, in a time interval of 3 hours. So for these three hours all of your followers would come to know you liked the picture of Hitler, that gives you an edge to show whatever you like. If you liked 100 images in 3 hours then a random out of those will be shown, who knows what it’s going to be.


  1. Your account can get a ban. Now this isn’t too common but getting a ban is the real pain especially when you’re a not a spammer. Instagram servers are observing profiles of almost everybody throughout the day. Whenever they encounter a profile that’s doing some insane amount of like Instagram profile or following or whatever, they immediately block it thinking of it as a spammer. So better not stand with the spammers with this one. It’s a wise approach to regulate the number of likes, follows and comments you performs throughout the day.

With that being said, I am all done with my 4 reasons on why you shouldn’t Like Instagram profiles very often. Would love to see your participation in the comment section below. If you need more please follow

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