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Nanotechnology is an emerging stream with numerous applications across several technical disciplines, from computer science to engineering and healthcare as well. As it involves technological researches and inventions related to minute details in these disciplines, it is an in-demand subject both for academics as well as research.

The emergence of nanotechnology in India is relatively new as against other technologies and originated approximately 16 years back. Therefore, it is still in its early developmental phase and holds significant potential for development in India. While more and more Indian students are enrolling for a postgraduate degree in nanotechnology, career opportunities for these students in the Indian as well as global markets are immense too.

Now, let’s check out necessary details related to the future of nanotechnology in India.

Nanotechnology – Know its scope

Nanotechnology ranks 3rd among the fastest prospering fields in India, next only to Information Technology and internet. The degree and diploma courses imparted by various institutes in India cover molecular biology along with physics, chemistry and mathematics. It, therefore, becomes a natural science multi-disciplinary discourse.

With its application mostly occurring in manufacturing for medicine and IT, the courses focus on these specialisations. Also, Chennai and Bangalore are a hub for these manufacturing initiatives, which increases the scope for career opportunities in these two states of India than anywhere else.

Besides, nanotechnology in India has also received a boost from the Government of India through various funding initiatives from the Department of Science and technology. The government aims to spur R&D related to nanotechnology and nanoscience.

Considering all these factors, the future and scope of nanotechnology in India look promising.

A career in nanotechnology – Look what’s in store

A professional qualified as a nanotechnologist is qualified for employment in various sectors that presently deal with nanotechnology. Here are some of the areas that include the use of nanotechnology.

  • Biotechnology

  • Genetics

  • Medicine

  • Food

  • Agriculture

  • Space research

Professionals can thus either go for jobs like professors, scientists, researchers, medical scientists, nanotechnology engineers, etc. They can also establish their R&D labs with the help of various funding options from lenders. Besides, there are also other industries that hire professionals qualified as nanotechnologists.

Increasing demand for professionals in nanotechnology – Relevant industries

Here are some sectors which can benefit from the emergence of nanotechnology in India

  • Manufacturing sector

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Environmental research and development

  • Industry of food-based companies

  • Biotechnology research

  • Life science study and findings

All these options project a promising future for nanotechnology in India. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career in nanotechnology or start a venture across these options, you may as well go for it now. Make sure you have charted out all the essential requirements including the necessary technology and finance to scale it over the coming years.

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Nanotechnology is the future of technology across multiple discourses. India is on the verge of breaking into the global nanotechnology sphere and you can easily play your part in it with your own venture.

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