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So you are looking forward to making your car pop by a full car vinyl wrap? Also, are you thinking of doing it yourself? Well, my creative and ambitious friend, you have landed at the right place. With today’s vinyl wraps technology, the DIY person in you can easily make it happen. 

Now, the steps to do a full car vinyl wrap are the same. So, it does not matter if you do it yourself or look for a professional by typing ‘ vinyl wrap car near me.’ 

Well, if you have already made up your mind to vinyl wrap your car yourself, there’s nothing to worry about because you can do it like a pro. 

Here are the four rules to follow to make your car rock with different vinyl wrap designs. 

1. Plan & Measure 

Well, a part of this rule is already done way before you even head out to buy the vinyl wrap. Now, of course, how would you know how much vinyl to buy without measuring? Right? 

Some people do the guesswork here and eventually suffer when they fall short of the material and end up stopping the work to order more vinyl car wrap. It might even take weeks for them to get the wrap and who knows if they end up struggling to get the wrap from the same dye-lot. 

If you follow the same approach, you may face several problems with maybe a funny looking unfinished car. So, before you start the actual work to wrap your vehicle, make sure you take proper measurements, and then start with the entire process. 

2. Clean the Car

You must know that your car might be having a lot of wax, dirt, oils, etc. on its body. The vinyl wrap adhesive does not stick well to the dust, wax, and oils. So, to ensure that the vinyl adhesive sticks properly, get rid of all the dirt, etc. before moving forward with the process. 

Pay more attention to the critical areas that attract more dirt like the bumper, wheel wells, engine hood, etc. Also, if your car has any rust spots, those will need to be fixed before vinyl wrapping the vehicle. 

All in all, make sure your car is clean. 

3. Do Not Over Stretch

It is effortless to stretch the vinyl car wrap, mainly when the heat is applied to the same. Vinyl car wrap has the memory of their original shape, and they will try to get back into their original form. So, be careful when you are trying to stretch the material because you are pulling the glue too.  

If you stretch too much, the vinyl wrap becomes thin, and if the glue also becomes thin, then it will not stick to the vehicle well. This could eventually lead to curling up of the vinyl wrap after its installation.

4. Post Heating

The last step is where most of the DIY’ers and installers make a mistake. Many of them even skip this step. Well, you must know that this step should never be missed. The process of wrapping your vehicle up is never complete until you do the post-heating. 

Consider post-heating at the places where you have stretched the vinyl car wrap material. Such places may be around the curves, complex shapes, etc. Also, you don’t need to post heat the plain areas and where you did not stretch the material. 

Voila!! Celebrate

So, it has been a detail-oriented and tedious job. But once you are done vinyl wrapping your car, it will be your time to celebrate. Sit back, pop a cold beer, and enjoy your hard work. 

Pro suggestion: Although DIY is a great thing, no one likes the idea of taking a risk when it comes to their car. So, a pro suggestion for you is to seek services from professional full car vinyl wrap installers in your area and then let your car do all the talking. 


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