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Astrology has come a long way traveling through changes and evolutions since the ancient Vedic astrology. Vedic Astrology is regarded as the foundation of astrology in India. Even emperors turned to seers, astrologers for advice in their court. Trends have changed since then. Now, whether the technology is overshadowing the traditional Vedic astrology or making it comprehensive still remains a debatable issue.

Indian Astrology Website Offers Online Horoscope – Origin of astrology

It is believed that astrology originated in Babylon, with the Babylonians developing their form of horoscopes dating back 2,400 years. Astrology had spread to the eastern Mediterranean, nearly 2,100 years ago, and became popular in Egypt, then under the control of a dynasty of Greek kings. In India, Astrology has originated since the Vedic era and dates back to 3000 BC.

The shift from old school perspective to digital prediction

With the advent of technological advancement, Best Online Astrology has undergone the shift from cult tradition to hi-tech online presence. Numerous websites are available to offer online services. However, Mera Astro is among the dedicated astrology based websites that has not only carved a niche for itself in this competitive market but has brought a revolution by changing the perspective of how you look at the way Astrology functions. Astrology is not just about predicting the future, but it possesses immense significance in our day-today lives. In short, it is the study of patterns and relationships of planets in motion, preparing and explaining birth-chart, and considering various other aspects.

Hunger for astrology or to know the fortune and future is no sudden buzz as since ages astrology has ruled the roost. Often you would find people scanning through the newspapers or magazines to discover what their horoscope predicts. Even on television, there are numerous programs and dedicated segments related to astrology. A website like Mera Astro offers interactive sessions with astrologers via chat or call who deal with questions relating to subjects – health, job, education and academics, marriage, love, property, success in life, marital problems, sex life, Vastu, lifeline, etc.

Online astrology has simplified people’s life

In today’s hectic lifestyle, everyone is racing against time and bears a lot of problems in life, resulting in stress and tension. To know the unknown governing our future, people take refuge in astrology.

Unfortunately, numerous problems don’t have a simple solution. Earlier, people used to visit the astrologers for consultations. But, today, the websites offer all the services that you need starting from consultation to predictions and even preparing birth charts or Kundli, Lal Kitab (complete prediction), and much more. Besides, experts would predict clients’ future based on different branches of astrology – Vedic astrology, numerology, and tarot. That is why Mera Astro has designed a platform which makes astrology accessible to all and caters to the need of the large and varied interest of our demographics. There is everything for everyone for all age groups, and understands the consumer demands and requirements at affordable prices.

Mera Astro’s app is built for the easy usage of the user. The priority is to build a trust along with respect for privacy. Consumers can also learn in detail about their zodiac traits, numerology, tarot reading through their informative blogs and resources. The website/app also provides free services like Free Horoscope, Free Kundli and Horoscope Matching for their users. The aim is not to just get more users but to build a network of family with consumers and astrologers who keep coming back for seamless services.

At a time when there is so much taboo around astrology, the app was built with a respect for privacy for both the consumers and astrologers, where people may have faced difficulty in connecting with a pundit physically.

The founders have had a long-standing passion for the science of astrology and the idea was conceived during a random discussion as a result of the need to provide authentic and genuine astrology services to people and to make it easily available for them as they’ve seen how it has benefitted various people with their life problems

Reliable prediction in minimal time

In today’s tech-savvy age, everything is done Kundali Online and even sent to clients through email. No one has to rush to an astrologer’s chamber. 21st century is accompanied by social, digital, and informational developments that let astrology enter in every home through computer and smartphone. Once the birth charts that used to be hand-drawn and decoded only through highly noted astrologers are now calculated and elucidated in a few minutes by our astrologers.

Whenever there is a turmoil going on, people tend to incline on something that assures safety and resolution. Many prefer legal consultation, while others knock on the door of religious institutions. Astrology, through the blessings of a reliable site like Mera Astro, works as an apt alternative to both to find remedies.

Astrologers can be trusted as they are verified through a background screening process. Hence, one can be truly sure about the predication, and the remedies recommended to bring harmony to the personal and professional problems.

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