Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

BBQ season is just around the corner and many of you will be looking for any excuse to get out in the backyard to start grilling up some fantastic food. As you know, a BBQ is not much fun unless you invite some guests, so we have put together a few tips to ensure that the BBQ you host is up there with the best ever.

Just remember that it only takes one mistake for your BBQ to be remembered for all the wrong reasons, so take heed of our tips to ensure that no mistakes are made. 

Do Not Overcomplicate Things

Try to keep things as simple as possible and you should eliminate any mistakes. Do not try to be too fancy with what you cook unless you have cooked that particular dish before. Just stick to quality meats and a single side dish cooked in quantity rather than too many that will leave you flustered. 

You do not want to be confusing yourself by cooking too many dishes with different cooking times – that is the prime recipe for burnt food.

Always Plan Ahead

A BBQ without a plan will always go wrong somewhere. You need a concrete plan and schedule that you can stick too. You know what time the guests will arrive, so make sure you have all of the food and refreshments beforehand/ Additionally, know how long it will take you to cook all of the food and what time you will need to start. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not lighting the BBQ early enough. Remember that a BBQ will need to be burning for around 30 minutes before it reaches a temperature that can be used to optimally cook food. 

Prep Your Food and the Grill

Never leave food prep to the last minute. You will want to ensure that your grill is clean or you may be left rushing on the day of the BBQ. Make your marinades and rubs and get your meat prepared at least the day before. Also, your guests will not appreciate it if you forget the drinks – unless you have asked them to bring some with them.

Get Outside Help

If you wanted to offer your guests the ultimate BBQ experience but didn’t want to do the cooking yourself, you could consider ordering a BBQ catering service. You will have more time to socialise with your guests while you can be guaranteed that the food cooked is far better than what you could have served up personally. 

The catering team will all be experienced chefs that know exactly what they are doing and will do more than just serve up basic dishes. They will have their very own unique recipes that will ensure that your BBQ goes down a treat with all your guests. 


If you can manage to listen to all of the tips above, your BBQ should go ahead as planned and leave your guests thrilled with the occasion. Your only problem will be that you will have to produce an even better BBQ the next time you plan to host one. You are only as good as your last BBQ, remember that.

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