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swimming pool tiles

If you own a spacious pool in your backyard, then there’s nothing else that can glam that area. But if you don’t have one, and you are planning to build one, then surely it is going to be something luxurious and relaxing. No doubt, a chic pool area with glossy swimming pool tiles can simply remind you of tropical blue waters. Apart from this, it can be the area for your small parties, family get-togethers, or catch up dinners. 

Clearly, a well-thought design can turn it into an elegant piece. But what matters the most here is to choose the right pool tiles that also match your taste and preferences. So how will you begin this process? Here is a comprehensive guide that can help you to choose the best option for the most loved area. Let’s take a look! 

  • Set a budget

The first thing we all might be aware of is to establish a budget as it is going to demand money. Only your budget can let you think and choose what kind of swimming pool tiles you can purchase. Keep one thing in mind that the more complex the design is, the more expensive will be the tiles. Here, creating a budget can help you a lot and pick something within the allocated amount. 

  • Don’t ignore safety

For this particular outside area that is going to have water for all the summer months, make sure to select something that is slip-resistant. Why is it important? Because the pool area and around it will be wet most of the time. So choosing something similar will give you absolute assurance about the safety. 

  • Look for warranty

Well, it is going to be expensive if you will keep thinking of replacing the older pool tiles with the newer one. And surely, damages will be there. To avoid such scenarios, experts suggest buying glass tiles as they come with a lifetime warranty. They simply don’t get damaged and their grace remains the same for years and years. Here we have explained a bit why you should prefer glass over ceramic pool tiles. First of all, every design of glass tiles delivers a vibrant look, which is a must for the pool area. No doubt, they have gained enough popularity because of their wide range of finishes – matte and glossy both. In addition, what makes them much better is the massive choice of color tones and styles. Their shimmery effect adds life to every dull pool. The most preferred blends are the light and dark blue hues along with charcoal, gray, and aqua. Avoid using too dark and tacky colors as they won’t set a better contrast.

  • Selecting design 

Unquestionably, the pool’s theory of art matters a lot, especially when it comes to making a more appealing one. So always spend some time understanding what sort of swimming pool tiles are going to fit better with your home. Yes, you will find thousands of decorative pieces in enchanting designs along with the plain ones. You can ask for professional help if you don’t get a clear idea of how to create some visually appealing styles. 

  • Durability 

Always remember that the pool floor tiles and the outside tiles are still different. The ones you use for the wall and floor would be most likely made from pebble, stone, or slate. Yes, pick articles that are both slip-resistant and durable at the same time.

  • Requesting samples 

If you are considering buying pool tiles online, then make sure to check the specifications of them along with the installation guide. So particularly you can have an idea of how it is going to look like. And if you are stepping to any local store, then you can simply ask for samples. 

Conclusively, once your swimming pool tiles are installed, make sure to maintain them precisely. Definitely, they will last longer than expected. 


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