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Remote living has heavily influenced the world in the past year. In addition to schools switching to remote learning, remote working has become a norm in society. While offices across the world were closed, businesses had to learn how to adapt to running completely from home. Whie it was an adjustment at first, many businesses found that their employees actually worked better from home.

But remote working didn’t just impact already existing employees, it impacted the hiring of new employees as well. The hiring process for remote working looks a little bit different. While we’re used to bringing in candidates for face-to-face interviews, remote hiring is done completely online. Remote hiring can come with its own wave of difficulties, so to make the process a little bit easier, check out these 4 tips to recruiting and hiring the best remote employees:

1. Write a Detailed Job Description

Since you won’t be able to meet the candidate in person to explain the role to them, it’s imperative that you write a thorough and accurate job description. You want to explain exactly what you are looking for for the position and what the job entails. Having a detailed job description rather than something broad can help to narrow down the options as only truly qualified individuals will know to apply.

2. Conduct Video Interviews

It is crucial that you are able to get a good feel of the person you’re interviewing, which can be hard to get through a phone interview. So in addition to having an additional phone screening, you will want to conduct multiple video interviews. Meeting someone virtually is almost as good as meeting them face-to-face. It is also important to run background checks for anyone you’re considering bringing on the team. How long does a background check take, you ask? It depends on the service you use. You should complete a background check quickly as you want the fastest turnaround possible when you’re interviewing candidates. You don’t want to be in the final rounds of interviewing someone and they realize they’ve been lying about their employment history the entire time.

3. Use an Applicant Tracking System

Sorting through countless applications can be time-consuming, so to make the process go by a little quicker, use an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS can help to organize and simplify the hiring process by sorting through candidates for you, helping with administrative tasks, and speeding up the recruitment process.

4. Establish the Company Vision

Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean you still can’t have good company culture. Part of the joy of working somewhere is getting to work with other people who share similar views and work ethics as you. So when you’re looking for remote employees for your business, you want to establish the company vision to make sure your employees are a good fit. You don’t want to bring someone on to the team who has a completely different work ethic than everyone else. There are tons of different resources you can check out to get help with establishing your company vision.

Remote working isn’t going anywhere, so it’s important to adapt to this change with your business and learn how to properly recruit and hire remote employees. While this process might be a bit different, it’s still important to be thorough with your interviewing process to ensure you bring on only the best fit for your company. Write detailed job descriptions, conduct good interviews, use an ATS, and establish your company vision and you will build a team of productive and motivated employees for your business in no time.


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