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New Future of Work: Work From Anywhere?New Future of Work: Work From Anywhere?

The world was trying out remote work before Covid-19. Remote work or work from anywhere option was allowed on an occasional day here and there for working professionals due to their other personal needs.  By the year 2025, around 70% of the workforce is expected to work remotely for a minimum of 5 days a month. A major part of 2020 was spent in remote work, it is continuing in 2021. Remote work has opened options to work from anywhere for professionals. Professionals are moving to places closer to their family or to stay in a place of their choice and are using coworking spaces to conduct their professional meetings and conferences.

Work from home is here to stay! Coworking spaces near you will be the answer

The research conducted conveys that professionals working from home will double in number in the year 2021. This boost is due to an increase in productivity. As per the Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) the productivity metric has proved that remote working is yielding good results against their expectations. As per the Gartner CFO survey around 74% of the workforce might be working permanently from home even after the COVID crisis is over. The decision of huge tech companies like Twitter, Facebook to let their employees work from home permanently has paved the way for many companies. 

Now that we know work from home will be the new norm, it is going to be quite challenging for most professionals. Home has always been a place to relax, connect with loved ones, and a safe place for our personal life. Not always home can be a working place, a place without distractions. Here is where the coworking spaces come into the picture. The coworking spaces near your home can be your place of work. They not only give the office setup to work but also the much-needed facilities. This is leading to professionals opting for shared office space with facilities to meet clients or vendors. 

Remote work demands more engagement, a challenge while working from home

Our regular office settings require a good attitude and strong relationships for opportunities in a career. Remote work will demand even more. Along with extra effort to build the relationships virtually by online meetings, events, etc. one has to keep up with the enthusiasm in the team to be noticed. When one keeps the team going virtually, along with good work, one will get the opportunity to be a leader. Working from home will not always work. Professionals might need to use the facilities offered at business centres for professional commitments where they can spend time solely on work.

Performance metrics in remote work will define your career growth, you certainly would not like to compromise on it while working from home 

Remote work has changed the focus of measuring performance. Organizations are focusing on the amount of work done instead of the number of hours the employee has logged in. To know about employee efficiency the management needs to have clear visibility. Some remote management tools being used are Transparent Business, Time Doctor, and Timely. With performance at stake, it might be necessary for the professionals to check out the workspaces around the place they live. The workspace not only gives the facilities of the office but also surrounds you with motivated professionals to work better. The professionals looking to focus on work in hand without disturbance of chaos at home are opting for furnished office space. 

Cybersecurity is of utmost importance with remote work, coworking spaces assure of the best cybersecurity industry offers for its professionals.

Professionals accessing data from anywhere have increased cybersecurity concerns. The organizations are investing heavily in IT systems and infrastructure. They are covering all the aspects of security to secure themselves from any kind of threat that might risk their reputation in the industry. Accessing sensitive data from home is always at risk. But professionals can be stress-free on accessing the data via coworking spaces. As they ensure the best cybersecurity options available for the cloud and the internet connections at their working space.

Professionals working in the IT industry who would like to meet their team members nearby occasionally are opting for office for rent. The plug-and-play offices have meeting rooms available for the crew if booked in advance. The crew can spend some time over the coffee bonding with each other thereby strengthening the team. 

Work from anywhere is here to stay. Organizations are adapting to changes and upgrading their infrastructure to work accordingly. Coworking spaces have opened innumerable options for the professionals to utilize the space and facilities as and when required. iKeva has coworking spaces in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Professionals in need of coworking space in any of the three cities can avail the facilities and work to their potential without hiccups of home. There are multiple Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai available for you to choose from. They have all the amenities so people can just walk in and start working. People can have a virtual assistant to handle their affairs if required. Professionals can also avail the use of conference rooms; all you need to do is call iKeva. The iKeva personnel will walk you through the available plans and ensure that you choose the right one to fit your needs.


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