Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Busy Parent

re you feeling the pressure as a parent? Aren’t we all. In light of the pandemic, everybody is feeling the pull from different areas to stay organized. It’s not an easy thing to do. But what does it take to keep yourself organized, especially when life is so busy, and you have your parental duties on top of this, that you can feel overwhelmed?

List Your Duties in Order of Importance

There are numerous benefits to making lists. But when you start to make your list of duties, rank them in order of importance. This means that when you see what you have to do, you are prioritizing everything. You may find that many of the things that you think you need to do right away or not that important. This gives you far more leeway in so far as incorporating downtime to make a list of things that are classed as “essential,” “would be nice to do,” and “not urgent at all.”

Do You Have To Do Everything Yourself?

If you feel you are spinning so many plates, you’ve got to ask yourself if you really need to do everything. When it comes to household tasks, do you need to clean the house from top to bottom? You could always hire a cleaner to do this for you. Likewise, when it comes to the laundry, you can easily make the most of a service that can wash and fold your clothes, giving you far more opportunity to spend time with your family. When we have life duties and admin to complete, it can threaten to overwhelm us at the best of times.

Check-In With Your Spouse

It’s a very simple thing, but you’ve got to coordinate your efforts. Check-in with your significant other and look at whose calendar is more overcrowded. You’ve got to prioritize efforts, but you also need to ask yourselves if you are both overloaded. It’s important to say “no” to new opportunities sometimes, and sometimes when something is classed as a low priority commitment, do you really need to do it at all?

Work Together as a Family

Teamwork can be fantastic in so many ways. It’s not just about being able to take the load off you, but working together as a family gives every one of you purpose, but when you start to work together as a family, and you start to be age-appropriate with the duties you can give to your children, they can be a big help. Children can help by doing little things. For example, you can give them the vacuum to run around the house if it is safe to do so. As your children are helping, and running the vacuum around the house is quite a fun thing to do, you’ve saved yourself a task.

And you have to remember that when you feel frazzled because you are so busy, the importance of scheduling time for yourself is just as important. Having that opportunity to step away from the list of things to do can be just as restorative.

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