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4 Ways to Manage Your Energy So You’re Productive

The most successful people in life don’t just manage their time, they manage their energy. So, if you’re planning to function at your optimum productivity levels throughout the day you have got to know what you need to do to maintain optimal energy levels. 

Past research by the USC Center for Effective Organizations done in workplaces indicates that roughly sixty-one percent of workers function below their best energy levels. 

That’s an alarmingly high number of productive members of society who are struggling to do what’s expected of them. You see, the problem with low energy levels is that they can make it very difficult for you to meet targets or even exist in a high-pressure work environment.

To this end, it is crystal clear that it is highly important to manage energy levels at your workplace to ensure that every member of the team is optimally productive. Here are a few tips you can take to produce the most effective results.

  1. Start by Boosting Your Confidence

Did you know that a decline in confidence is often accompanied by dwindling energy levels? It is not clear which one causes the other but by boosting your confidence, you greatly improve your energy levels. 

One thing to do this is by keeping your mind occupied with positive stuff. So, finding something that engages your brain in a positive manner – be it a new hobby, new skill, or even a new love life. Just don’t go overboard.

  1. Never Force Anything

We all have our unique energy rhythms. Let us always honor them. If you’re constantly struggling to work past 11 p.m., for example, trying to power through it will often do you more harm than good. You will barely get anything done plus this is likely to leave you even more demotivated in the long-run.

Identify your slumps. Whenever you’re facing a slump time, get out and take a walk or engage in some stretches in the office. Heck, you can even take a power nap for a couple of minutes.

  1. Go Slow on Coffee

This might sound contradictory especially if you’re one of those people who can barely get anything done without sipping some coffee. But here’s the point, even though coffee gives you a “pick me up” experience, it often leads to a slump a couple of hours down the line.

Plus, over time, you will need to take more and more cups of coffee to feel anything. And that there is one hopeless cycle – it’s no wonder some people even get addicted to this beverage. Try to go slow on coffee and if possible, consider sticking to some coffee alternatives instead.

That way, you get to get the boost you need to function without risking any of the downsides this popular beverage is associated with.

  1. Strike a Balance

There is a very thin line between maximum productivity and optimal productivity. The word maximum means the great amount possible while optimum means “the best or most favorable amount.”

It is possible to deliver short bouts of maximum productivity but only if you’re interested in short-term gains. If you’re thinking long-term, your best bet is to focus on optimum productivity.

Take breaks during your workday. Regularly go for vacation or staycation. Avoid working like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure your day is made up of slow, brainless activities along with intense productivity-based ones.


Besides managing your time, be keen to manage your energy levels as well. Start by planning your day. Be easy on yourself and above all, find some time to rest. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint race.

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