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Hair Problems and you

From trying chemical treatments, hot showers to the habit of blow-drying your hair every day, somewhere we ignore that we are becoming cruel towards our tresses. And we notice it when we face hair problems such as loss of strands, dull look, no more growth, and rough hair. Though best solution to hair problem is going for lace front wigs. Let us discuss the root causes of hair problems you face every day:

  • Dandruff: Dandruff is something you all know about as it is embarrassing when it becomes visible fallen on the shoulder. But do you know what causes dandruff? It is believed that pollution is the root cause but its not true. Dandruff is the scalp’s flakes when skin dries out during winters or due to the usage of chemicals in excess or excess sebum is produced by the scalp. 
  • Loss of Hair: It is normal if your 50 to 100 strands fall in a day. But if there is a considerable amount of hair fall, then evaluate your lifestyle in recent times. Hair loss can be due to stress, using products in the wrong way, chemical and heat treatments, or hormonal imbalance.
  • Hair Dryness: Hair become rough when they lack protein in them that nourishes the hair. Other reasons also give a dry reflection in your hair texture, such as menopause, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, birth control pills, and health issues like anemia and hyperthyroidism.
  • Oily Scalp: Do you wash your hair every day? Then you might have faced the problem of oily scalp. Yes, its true overwashing is the main culprit of oily scalp. When you wash your hair more than thrice in a week, your scalp gets dry, resulting in more oil production.
  • Split Ends: Do you often take a haircut due to split ends? But do you know why your tresses split into two at ends? It happens because your hair ends doesnt get the adequate amount of oil they require to grow. As a result, they get dry and tend to split with time.
  • Frizzy Hair:Managing those frizzy tresses is equal to climbing a mountain. It can hit anytime, and the reason behind it is heat and chemical treatments and UV rays produced by the sun. And if you get frizzy hair very often, then it is a clue that your hair are getting damaged.
  • Heat Damaged Hair: Getting ready for office or high school, we crimp, straighten, or make curl out of our hair using heat styling tools. But it is not meant for daily use; we should keep it in mind. Even occasionally, it is not preferred. 
  • Damage due to Hair color: You might be aware that coloring sessions regularly can damage your tresses, but you can’t resist yourself when you go through a fashion magazine and saw your favorite style icon in a new look. Hair gets brittle, no matter you are going for highlights or root touch-ups because everything related to coloring contains chemicals. Further, it affects hair by snatching the scalp’s natural oils, making it look dull and dry.So it is better to for wigs like blonde wigs which will look cool without damaging hair.
  • Hair Loss due to health reasons: Health issues such as hormonal imbalance, menopause, Genetics, or hereditary problems can also damage hair.

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