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Going on vacation is very exciting. Now that everything is ordered and paid for, your bags packed, and you’re on your way to the airport, can you be sure that you’ve taken sufficient steps to protect your home while you’re away?

Introducing some extra Home Safes measure when your house is empty and give extra security and allow you to enjoy your long-awaited vacation.

1. Monitoring System

It should be your first line of defense for the security of your home, whether you are at home or when you are traveling. They are fully effective when you have access to your cell phone. However, if you want to shoot a remote location or leave your phone at home, a supervised home security system offers that extra layer of protection.

By installing sensors in your home, the security system can detect movement even if your door or window is open. This in turn triggers an alarm that not only alerts neighbors and hopefully scares the thief away, but also sends a message to your alarm company, alerting the police in the event of a break-in.

2. Get someone to look over your empty house

Your friends, family members, or neighbors you can trust, ask them to come over to your house regularly to make sure all is well. You have to be there and be able to log in every few days to check back doors lockout tagout locks, windows, and other entrances.

They can pick up the post if you haven’t asked the post to stop, check that all doors and windows are secure, water your plants, and maybe even bring you milk or other necessities to return.

3. Make sure to lock your windows properly

broken window lock can compromise your security and give intruders access. While a quick lock replacement is the best option, it is sometimes necessary to use alternative way for temporary windows and materials allow for proper repair. The best method for securing windows depends on the type of window. In Melbourne, Australia more and more home owners trusted the True Locksmiths Company in terms of lock security to keep your home safes to intruders.

4. Don’t hide your keys

for many of us who live in relatively safe communities surrounded by trusted friends and neighbors, it can be tempting to hide the keys from your property just in case someone should show up for you. Don’t do this especially if you will be moving for an extended period of time.


The only thing you don’t want to forget before you leave is locking your doors and windows. In Melbourne, Australia many home owner choose True Locksmiths. This company is very professional in Changing or repairing locks, rekeying locks, cutting new keys, home safe repairs and locked out recovery.

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