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Renovating kitchen cabinets is a comprehensive service that helps to restore the appearance of the headset, to bring innovation to an established interior. In the whole house, the kitchen is

the most dangerous room for wood or chipboard furniture. High humidity, sharp temperature changes, bouquets of persistent aromas, fumes, soot – all this negatively affects the kitchen

furniture. You can’t change that, but you can make the kitchen better by replacing deformed elements. The Phoenix Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing company is engaged in the repair and installation of the kitchen. Here you can make an order, call the specialist at your house and change your kitchen for the better.

Renovating the kitchen cabinets is the second life of a kitchen unit

The lower cabinets fail more often than the upper ones, so there is no point in changing the entire set. It’s expensive, exhausting, and a waste of time that you can happily spend on nicer

things. Replacing furniture means saving the family budget and transforming the interior for the better.

Here are 4 facts why it is better to replace the wardrobe than to buy a new headset:

  1. We can make the same cabinet or a similar design. Of the entire headset, only one cell is enough, so it is humane to replace only
  2. Change of the well-established You can add flavor to the familiar environment, update the kitchen.
  3. You do not need to waste your time – our experts will come, take measurements, show you sketches. We will make cabinets, come and install
  4. It is not expensive. Firstly, we have economical prices, and secondly, you pay only for the replacement of the element, and not for the entire

The main reasons that lead to the replacement of the cabinet are swelling of the coating, drying out of the door or walls, broken decorative elements, cracked glass, chips, and broken parts.

Our craftsmen do not blindly follow the client’s request. You can order a consultation, consult with our experts, which will be more profitable and more relevant. For example, you decide to completely replace the cabinets, while all you need to do is renew the facade or restore the gloss of the paintwork. Describe the problem in the application, and we will find a solution for it.

How we are working:

The experts of our company go to the site, if the order is urgent, the manager specifies the time. It is also worth considering how far you are from our main office. We have a flexible

schedule, we adapt to the client. We conclude a contract before proceeding with the order. The master makes measurements, makes an estimate, and indicates all these data in the contract. We always clean up the trash after ourselves if we work at your home.

How to order the replacement of kitchen cabinets

To place an order, use one of the most suitable methods: leave a request with a detailed

description of the task, order a call back at the required time, or call us right now on the phone at the bottom of the page. Neither the application nor the call will oblige you to pay. First, you will receive competent advice from our specialist who will find a solution to your problem.

Hello, My name is Anthoni at New Generation Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing I have worked diligently for years to acquire the experience and skills needed to provide clients the opportunity to bring their vision to life at an affordable price. Along with my crew, I want to keep changing the center of a home with my skills and passion for the job and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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