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Spending money on marketing has become an expensive task in recent years with Youtube ads and Billboards costing a small fortune. But with new and emerging ways to advertise such as printed custom bags, there could be a way to market your business without spending a small fortune. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 of the benefits to printed carrier bags that can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

 Versatile Design

One of the biggest benefits to the printed paper bag is the versatile design that comes along with it. Whether you decide to change your design to coincide with an upcoming rebrand or you opt to change the design based around a season or a special event, this can be easily changed when making printed bags regardless of the material that you decide to use. Simply change the design and email it over to the printer with a quantity and they will print off a specific amount for you.

Builds Brand Awareness

Featuring your brand on a printed bag campaign may seem like a waste of marketing funds at first, this could actually benefit your brand in the long term. Whether you decide to give these bags away with free samples to entice people into your store or you offer them with a purchase over a specific amount, this can all help to boost your brand and encourage people to shop with you.

Offers Free Exposure

A well-implemented printed bag campaign is a sure-fire way of building brand awareness as you are more likely to build brand awareness over time due to the free exposure that you will receive. When your customers carry the bag around you are then gaining free publicity for your brand. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your brand is recognisable as this will help you to market your brand effectively. As more people begin to notice your brand, you will then be able to simply feature your brand on the bag and let your customers do the rest.

Helps Build Company Image

Company image is important for a business of any size and making printed bags could be the perfect way to show your business as an eco-friendly one. With bags made from recyclable material, you can show to your audience that you are an eco-friendly company this can be implemented alongside a reward program to help encourage people to reuse their bag when shopping with you and will help you to sell more bags in the long term.

They Are Budget Friendly

The final benefit of a printed bag is that they are budget-friendly. With a different sized bag for different prices, you as a business owner can decide the type of bag as well as the print to work with the set budget that you have. With choices such as canvas, plastic and paper to name just a few as well as a size that can vary depending on the size of the final design, the choice is completely up to you.

With this in mind, there are a number of reasons why investing in a printed bag campaign can benefit your business and its sales in 2020 and beyond, regardless of how long you decide to use this form of customisable packaging. Will you be implementing this style of campaign in 2020?

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