Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

# Intro_On_what_is_Discord ? The world is moving toward much virtualization. Millennials these days spend time on their smartphones and other gadgets rather than face to face meetups. So as we all know that necessity is the mother of all inventions. One of the many solutions for the online chatting and community we have best discord bots available for proper needful use. Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms, especially for the gamers community. Also, Visit discord stuck on connecting.

Many online available servers for separated and assigned for different-different use cases and requirements are available at fingertips. There are many servers available for many communities, individuals can make their servers and people can join each other’s servers. So now coming to bots what are they? They are simply modules or we can say tools available for the enhancement of the functionalities of your servers. The obvious thing is that there may be many bots available and would have somehow super cool features and functionalities that can be added on to the top of your servers. Because of the availability of some of the best discord bots nowadays Discord is gaining more and more popularity.

You can dive deeper and explore on your own the functionality and the usage benefits of using Discord online chat platform. You can simply download and experience it by clicking on this link

So after going to some basic intro about Discord and discord bots let’s look at what are the most popular and useful trending best discord bots available in the market currently.

There is no question of why to be asked for these top 5 best discord bots. They simply are the best discord bots as of now.

Below is the list of the 5 best discord bots:

  1. Pokecord Bot: We all know everyone loves pokemon. The eye-catching cute logo of Pokecord bot is not only the reason for its heavy usage. Pokecord bot has been included in the list of best discord bots because of the popular pokemon game having millions of users. With the help of this bot when you play with discord server the pokemon game the one who catches the pokemon first will know it all and maximize his collection by engaging with other members with pokemon fights and matches. Fun to play Pokecord is a fascinating pokemon game.

  1.   Tatsumaki: Tarsumaki is worth using, you can use real money to customize the looks of your cards by that it means the functionality you may get will be unique and not easy to match with any other bots. Since it is paid and uses money the theme can really stand out in the crowd. Its incentive system is what has made it so famous and most used on servers resulting in push notifications and getting more active users on server in no time.

  1.   Mee6: It’s one of the super easy to use discord bots. Moderation leveling is also possible. It gives you absolute hands on control with the commands of your dreams come true. You can create your dream commands that autonomously delegate or discard roles and send a message in your current channel or through direct message.

  1.   Dank Memer: From its name we can get an idea that it’s all about mems. It’s one of the best discord bots ever made one can create customized memes of their own within a few minutes. It’s a real time meme generator and properly syncs with your Discord server with ease with just a few commands. It has more functionality apart from memes. If you are a meme lover you will definitely love Dank Memer too. It offers a depth moderation system inside stealing, gambling, and bank robbing which you can customize too in the customized server of your own. The commands available are growing exponentially and ultimately resulting in popularity of the Dank Memer.

  1.   GAwesomeBot: Without this the list would surely be considered incomplete.Distinct best out of best discord bots. It’s one of the most popular of all time at the same time mult-purpose and highly valuable bot. Kind of better of everything at one place it can be used to stream YouTube videos and gert web results from popular and most used search engines like Google or Reddit for getting latest memes. Pretty much whatever the internet consists of can easily be accessed. The features that GAwesomeBot has are awesome and growing with more cool and useful features definitely highly recommendable.


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