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Age inappropriate content is like that forbidden fruit that is the most attractive thing for minors and yet it can prove to be extremely fatal for them. This is why the businesses must have age verification. Fake identities or stolen identities have become pretty common due to this. Minors find different ways to manipulate the system and get their hands on age restriction goods. Ever since the businesses have shifted to means of online operations, it has become easier for minors to get access to these age-restricted goods as they do not have to go through the extensive age verification process. In this blog, let us talk about the Importance of age verification and how retailers can be secure from age fraud.

Problems Current Age Verification

The laws regarding protection are extremely strict everywhere. Selling an in-appropriate or age-restricted product to minors is a crime with a penalty of more than 20,000 pounds. The damage to the retailer’s reputation is like a cherry on top. In some cases, retailers can even face some time in prison.

Retailers need to ensure that they are not selling age-restricted stuff to minors especially those who are operating through online means. Simple checks would not be enough to deal with such a serious problem. Simply just putting a checkbox that verifies the age is obviously not a very loophole-free solution for age verification but unfortunately it is the most commonly used method. This way the retailers rely on the customers, to be honest about their age, it might work in a perfect world but sadly this is not the case here. The same goes for getting users to sign the terms and conditions form.

What Can Retailers Do

This is why a more authentic solution for age verification is required. The digital world requires a digital solution for such problems and yet it can prove to be a demanding task for retailers.

Here are some ways that retailers could use to implement more accurate age verification solutions in the businesses to stop minors from gaining illegal access to the age-restricted product.

Apply the Age Verification on Delivery
Retailers can rely on age verification checks through the delivery system. The delivery man can verify the identity of the customer while delivering. Identity checks can also be used as proof of identity. If the retailers rely on a third-party service, they cannot verify the age as third-party delivery services are not bound to do that and this can get the retailers in trouble. They could just deny the responsibility to verify the age.

Collect from Store Policy

The businesses can have policies that bound the customer to collect their goods from the store. The store bound customers can be easily verified through their identity and face check. However, it defeats the purpose of the online business if the customer has to visit the store for collection. This process also does not work for the retailers who only work online and do not have an on-street business.

Online Age Verification

This is the most authentic solution as it uses the means of technology to verify the age of the customers. In the world of digitalization, this AI-powered solution works the best. This allows businesses to implement ways to verify the age of the customer.

The government-issued identity cards can be used to verify the age of the customer through an AI-powered solution. This is a more accurate and secure way to verify the customer’s identity and verify their age. It only takes a few seconds and so the customer’s experience is enhanced and the customer does not have to go through a long process of verification.

The businesses can now be intact with the law through this technological advance solution. The customers can even get verified through the comfort of their homes. The minors will now be restricted and the legitimate customers will not have to face the hassle of the verification procedure.

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