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5 Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now

Though Hulu is famous among cable TV watchers as it quickly releases the news broadcasts and cable TV shows, its game is becoming more assertive in the movie collection on https://soap2day.re/. The platform is adding several popular movies from every genre to cater to the demands of a larger audience.

This blog will talk about horror movies on Hulu, from all-time favorites to some of the latest ones released this year. So if you are in the mood to watch a story of vengeance, wolves howling at night, or a girl screaming to be saved, Hulu has a separate Horror section for your cravings.

Though there are many skin-creeping spectacles worth checking out on Hulu right now, we have gathered 5 of the most spooky titles that you ought to check out at your earliest. But before you do that, you must know that Hulu is currently only allowed to be streamed within the US. So, let’s say, if you want to watch Hulu Canada, you would need a little assistance from a dependable VPN service to access the content. Anywho, these are 5 spooky movies that we have brought for you:

Spoiler Alert: ”The discussion up ahead may contain potential plot spoilers. Continue at your discretion.”

1. Let the Right One In

Vampire movies are mostly overdone and do not keep audiences engaged anymore on https://pelisplus.pm/. Still, this movie by  Swedish filmmaker, Tomas Alfredson, has redefined the genre of deadly vampire stories. The film is about an early friendship and later-on complicated relationship between a boy and a vampire girl. The boy has been bullied and neglected his entire life, ultimately leading him to lose interest in his own life.

As the story progresses, he crosses paths with a girl, not knowing that she is a vampire trapped in a girl’s body for thousands of years. Their bond slowly grows stronger, convincing the girl to reveal her secret to the boy and how terrifying she becomes when obstructed. The movie is engaging and marvelous. To watc Let the Right One In, tune in to Hulu right now.

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2. Censor

The movie Censor is for those who love watching ghost stories and haunted houses. The movie’s story is about a girl who lost her sister during their childhood. Her sister was never found, and she kept on looking for her. She never recovered from the loss and is still seen suffering from it till the present.

While watching a movie, she starts to believe as if she has seen her sister in the film and starts going through the works of the same director. This leads her to a collection of video nasties, setting her way on terrifying paths. The movie is haunting but subtle with video nasties, making it an exciting film.

3. Possessor

This film is a crazy combination of two genres, sci-fi and horror. The movie stars Andrea Riseborough as Vos, who has developed technology that enables her to take over the bodies of humans. These humans are usually ordinary people, unsusceptible for murders. Using their bodies, she kills her targets and leaves the host body dead in a situation to show as if they committed suicide.

Though she was breaking into pieces from the inside, her life was continuously affected by her evil deeds. Soon, she faces a target that proved to be more challenging and one who fights back. The movie involves some seriously gruesome bloodshed, making it one of the gnarliest movies on Hulu.

4. Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a movie focused on a killer doll named Chucky, manufactured by a factory worker in Vietnam. As the movie kicks off, a mother gets the Chucky doll as a gift for her son, not knowing that it is possessed.

The doll becomes good friends with the boy. The boy moves into a new house with his mother, where Chucky goes through some changes and becomes critically protective of the boy, Andy.

Chucky now believes that if he is not Andy’s friend, he will not let anyone else be his friend either. Chucky is seen to grow more intelligent and has a sense of humor too. He soon figures out how to stab people with knives and ultimately kill them. The film is a slasher, especially in the last 45 minutes of streaming.

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5. Tragedy Girls

This movie’s story is about two girls obsessed with getting popular on social media. They are ready to do anything to become famous. Coincidentally, they have another obsession which is murder.

This obsession turns into craziness, and they kidnap a serial killer to train them to become a killer group. The movie offers an abundance of bloodshed and crazy twists, and the film gives a typical serial killer vibe but is filled with energy, charm, and playfulness.

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Summing It Up

There you have it, folks – these are the spooky horror movies that you ought to check out at your earliest on the Hulu platform. And if you are planning to watch Hulu Canada or want to access it in any other country, make sure to turn to the services offered by a VPN service.

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