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Dramacool A Destination for All Asian Movies and TV Shows

The fanbase of Asian movies and TV shows is growing day by day because of its fruitful content and the relatability factor in the whole world. Dramacool is an OTT platform that provides you with all the Asian movies and TV shows in a best-curated way so you can find all your favorite watchlists in one click.

You’re here because you’re a serious fan who loves Asian cinema and we’ll provide you with all the details of how you can watch your favorite Asian movies and TV shows in one place and how you can use Dramacool the best way to find what you’re looking for.

What’s Dramacool?

Dramacool is a website and an app on the Play Store that provides the best option online to watch your trending dramas and movies without spending any money or a subscription. It allows the audience from all parts of the world to watch all the content in HD quality and provides an option to download the content and watch it later offline.

What’s Dramacool

It has a vast content library consisting of movies and shows from India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. It has an anime collection in premium quality and with subtitles. If you face any challenges in accessing the site because of your region, please use VPN for that and you’ll easily be able to access it.

Pros and Cons of DramaCool

You don’t need to register and give your details to the website. You have the freedom to watch your favorite content without thinking of giving any Email or phone number. You’ll get the English subtitles for most of the shows and movies so that you can watch without any interruption of the language.

It’s a pirated and illegal website without any authorization so the danger of data will always be there when you’re surfing for shows and movies. It has lots of ads that can redirect you to some other pages from which you have a risk of getting malware and unwanted virus infection but for that, you can use an ad-blocker in your device. It has limited options for customization because you don’t have many options in audio but you can change the quality of video according to your need. 

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Dramacool Interface

It has a very smooth and easy-to-understand interface where on the front page you’ll see the tabs of all the languages, years, countries, genres, and alphabetically also. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the website and a new user, you won’t face many challenges because of its simplicity and you’ll be able to learn it quickly.

On the front page, slightly on the middle side, you’ll be able to see how they have a curated list of recent dramas, recent movies in the order on the upside, and recent K-drama sections for viewers to watch without any difficulties. As you scroll down more, you’ll find a section of the Most Popular Series on the website. If you don’t have your own recommendations, you can select and watch from those also. 

Dramacool Content

They know the needs of their viewers according to your mood, you can see the content on the site. The content that deals with heartbreaks, love, betrayal, loss, and happiness makes you wonder how all this is free or available.

Best Shows of Dramacool

Best Shows of Dramacool

  • My Only 12% (2022)

It’s the number of dramas on the site according to the views. It has a storyline that follows two childhood friends Cake and Seeiw from childhood to University. Their friendship turns into a complicated romantic relationship and they struggle with love in the same neighbourhood. It’s quite a wholesome emotional and hard-hitting drama to watch because of its depiction of gay relationships, the realism of friendship, and down-to-earth characters to whom you can relate.

  • Warm Meet You (2022)

It’s a Chinese comedy-drama of 2022 in which the principal character Zhao Nuan Nuan has outstanding drawing skills but chooses a career in stand-up comedy and always dreams of becoming China’s greatest comic artist ever but fails again and again. One day without any hope she goes on a blind date and by mistake meets Gu Yi Chen but that changes something for her in the form of her bad luck going away for some time. She decides to makeover as a man and gets a job cleaning in the company of Gu Yi Chen to remain close to him.

  • Boys Planet (2022) 

Dramacool Boys Planet is a Korean 1970 musical drama that shows the potential of all of the earth to have the talent to conquer the world. It has a storyline where two groups Korean K-Group and G-Group collide with each other then there is a new group born ONE WORLD. K-pop groups audition when produced by Korean fans from all over the world only then do all fans worldwide realize the true potential of the talent of K-Pop and make them unanimously famous. It’s a drama that gives hope to everyone to chase their dreams. Whether you face any difficulties in your life, you mustn’t give up at any point.

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Dramacool Proxies

If you’re getting the vibes to watch some content on the site and want to see some Asian movies and shows. Here, we’re providing the best proxies that you can use from your region to get access to the site.



Dramacool is a cool website for dramas because its tagline is true because of its library of millions of shows and movies from Asian Cinema and it’s completely free worldwide for everyone. That’s so cool with only listening, so why not check out the website and experience the effectiveness of dramas in your life and kill your boring time?

It has some limitations of ads and some audio related but they have amazing content for all types of moods whether you want to watch a thriller show, a comedy show, a romantic show, or a horror show.

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