Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
5 Best Uses For a Home Equity Loan

Wondering weather tapping into the equity saved up in your home is a good idea? Home equity can be used for a variety of reasons other than renovating or fixing your property, including paying for college, consolidating debt and more. But although accessing your real estate’s equity can seem like a good way to access cash easily, it’s important to proceed with caution when borrowing against the roof over your head.

Taking out a home equity loan in BC can have several potential advantages so let’s look at what these are.

The Main Advantages Of Taking Out A Home Equity Loan

  • Interest rates for home equity loans are fixed meaning that you won’t have same “surprises” such as from variable loans,
  • Your monthly payment is consistent
  • A home equity loan allows you to pay for things that were out of your budget otherwise 
  • Home equity loans have lower interest rates than other bank products like personal loans or credit cards 
  • Depending on the lender you work with, you can usually get access to funds quickly, sometimes within days of completing the loan documents.
  • In certain cases you also might be able to deduct the interest you pay on a home equity loan.

Best Uses For A Home Equity Loan

1. Home Improvements

Your home’s equity is based on both it’s value and the amount you owe on it. As long as you pay your loan, the amount owed on the home is always going down and helping increase your equity. If you need to fund a home improvement project or even the entire home remodelling, a home equity loan is the best place to turn to. Why does it make sense to borrow against the equity in your home? Because this will basically put back money into your piece of real estate since home improvements tend to increase your home’s value and in turn create more equity. 

2. Consolidate Debt

If you need a fast and convenient solution to consolidate debt, a home equity loan is a better option than a HELOC or a personal loan. Home equity loans let you borrow a lump sum of money with much lower interest rate than other types of loans, which you will in turn pay back through monthly installments. 

3. Funding A Student Loan Or Paying For School Tuition

As most of us know well, higher education tends to get quite expensive. So if you don’t know where to turn to for financing college tuition or student loans, a home equity loan allows you to turn the value of their home into cash.

4. Financing A Wedding Or Any Other Major Expense

Thinking about which is the best solution to fund a major expense like a wedding, a new car, or an unexpected medical bill? When compared to other methods of financing like taking out a personal loan, or digging into your emergency savings, home equity loans have more manageable risks and rewards. 

5. Funding An Investment Or A New Business

If you want to fund an investment that will give a return high enough to cover the cost of borrowing and generate an additional return, then a home equity loan is definitely a good idea. Just make sure that you don’t consider this loan to meet any consumption or lifestyle expenses that can be well postponed. 

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