Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Simple Tips to Reach Your 2021 Sustainability Goals

With a new year comes new goals. All of us have probably made our New Year’s Resolutions by now – perhaps healthy eating is on the agenda or a commitment to get fit. Maybe you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The issue with New Year’s Resolutions is how quickly we give up on what we’re trying to achieve. This is evident in the amount of people who join and subsequently quit the gym after a month of working out.

That’s why this article aims to provide some simple tips to help you actually achieve your sustainability goals this year.

Don’t do too much, too soon

Jumping in the deep end is a surefire way of forcing yourself into giving up. Humans are creatures of habit so making huge changes too soon can actually be detrimental to achieving your sustainability goals.

Building useful habits with simple swaps such as changing from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo brush is a good way to start. After all, a bamboo toothbrush australia is the first and last thing you use each day.

Start at home

If you’re looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle this year, a good place is to take a look around in your home. Think about excessive plastic use and if there’s a swap you can make.

For example, soaps and shampoos come in plastic liquid containers. Swapping out the liquid form for solid means your soaps can be packaged in a material other than plastic which has been causing widespread destruction of our oceans in recent times.

Use public transport or cycle

Cars are an incredibly inefficient mode of transport with estimates suggesting that for each car journey there’s an average of just 1.7 people per car.

By using public transport, emissions per person will be far lower than using a car.

If you live in an area where commuting via bike is reasonable, try to opt for this option. Not only will you be producing zero emissions you’ll be getting fitter in the process. Cycling has been proven to have a host of other benefits aside from fitness and sustainability too.

Try to reduce the amount you buy

Once in the cycle of consumerism, it’s tough to remove yourself. Nowadays we’re able to purchase something with a literal click of a button and have it delivered to us the very next day.

Overconsumption is a huge issue and spans across useless products and fast fashion. By purchasing less, ultimately you’ll be dictating that less stuff is created.

Next time you come across an ad provoking you to purchase something, take a minute to weigh up whether it’s something you truly need or something that’ll just end up in your cupboard for a couple of years before you throw it away.

Find reusable items

One handy tip from Andrew Groves, founder of eco-friendly company goBambu, is to ensure you reduce the number of things you buy, try to focus on purchasing reusable items instead.

Makeup wipes, food wraps and travel mugs are all everyday items we can use to replace their disposable equivalents.

By following these tips you’ll be on the road to sustainability in no time! Remember not to get too down if you’re not living a carbon neutral life by next week – these expectations are unrealistic. Slow and steady wins the race.

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