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You probably know that exercising routinely is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your health and fitness. It’s because the list of health-related perks is almost boundless when you’re working out daily. Our immune systems and cognitive function are strengthened, our joints are stabilized, and our muscles are developed to be strong and lean. That’s a lot, isn’t it?


But what else? Well, it helps us look and feel younger. Yes, you may become the best version of yourself by learning about all the advantages of regular exercise and incorporating the following advice into your daily practice. No doubt, having a personal trainer can help you to perform these workouts properly. So, if you are someone who lives in Brooklyn the hiring a Brooklyn based personal trainer would be a smart move.


Here are 5 Daily Exercises That You Can Do To Look And Feel Young



  • Squats


Just because your joints are sore, don’t avoid doing squats. Squatting properly will actually make your knees stronger. The best part is that it offers your legs and thighs a right form/shape, enhancing the flawless shape of your body.


Simply stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly pointing out. Even a dumbbell can be used to increase its effectiveness. Start by lowering yourself into a squat and bringing your hips back until they are directly beneath your knees. Return to your feet by pressing through your heels. To see the incredible results, repeat the entire procedure at least ten times.


  • Glute Bridge Up


The areas that protect your hips and lower back from injuries, the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and abs, are strengthened by this exercise. Everyone is aware that most of us experience knee and back problems as we age. But this is how to deal with the problem.


Start with knees bent, feet hip-width apart, and arms at your sides while you lay on your back. Pushing into the floor with your lower back while contracting your glutes as you slowly lift your hips toward the ceiling, drive through your heels. Only hold for a split second before bringing your hips back to the floor. This will help you lose belly fat in addition to lowering your risk of back pain. A personal trainer can really help you to perform these workouts in a better way.


  • Planks


Planks are the best workout since they are the best for our whole body. It also helps to tone the muscles in the arms and legs, among other things. Is it hard? Definitely not!


Simply assume a forearm plank position, keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders, drag your belly button into your spine, and tighten your glutes to bring your body parallel to the ground. End in a push-up posture by raising your right arm, placing your palm on the floor, and then repeating with your left arm. You can repeat the workout 10 times at least!


  • Cheek Lift


Face movements have recently gained significant popularity among health-conscious people. This one is one incredibly simple way to maintain good and shaped skin. Start by pulling your cheeks toward your eyes while first closing your lips. Then progressively raise your lips’ corners while grinning, and maintain that position for around ten seconds. This will not only enable you to stretch your muscles but also make you feel happier. A fantastic exercise is to smile. Furthermore, it will help you look more and more younger!


  • Superman Move


Superman is a fairly basic bodyweight motion that mixes the strengths of the Quadruped Reverse Fly with the Glute Bridge. Your complete posterior chain, which consists of all the muscles in your back, is strengthened by this exercise. You can begin by lying on your stomach with your arms raised in the shape of a “Y.” Bend your elbows to form a “W” with your arms as an alternative. Lift your thighs and arms a few inches off the ground at the same time. Repeat by lowering after three seconds of holding.


Bottom Line


We can’t turn back the hands of time as we get older, but we can modify our workouts to improve our quality of life and functional capacity. Even research shows that people who did strength training in NYC suffer from less joint pain and are more flexible and healthier than people who did not did any workout or strength training. I hope this workout makes you look younger!

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