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Star Swim Schools provide top-notch swimming classes cranbourne to children through our Learn to Swim Kids program, offering uninterrupted instruction all year long. With the support of experienced coaches and experienced teachers, students make rapid progress through levels at an impressive rate, giving parents peace of mind knowing their child is receiving top-notch instruction.

Learn to Swim

If your child is old enough to swim, there are a number of local swim lessons that offer year-round sessions. Classes tend to be kept small (no more than six kids) and last 30 minutes or less, allowing time for focused instruction on the fundamentals in an efficient manner.

At Star Swim Schools, our baby and toddler classes are tailored to teach water skills that could save their lives should they find themselves in an emergency situation. Our “Guppy” group, for students ages two and a half to five years old, focuses on breath control, back floating and pushing off the wall – providing your child with essential pre-middle school experiences before joining one of our older lessons without their parent present.

For children ages five to eight, the Dolphin, Shark and Sea Lion level provides an introduction to side breathing while building endurance. Additionally, the fourth and fifth levels help students perfect their freestyle strokes and practice breaststroke.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming Lessons are an ideal way to introduce your baby to water, build their confidence and promote foundational water safety skills. Classes aim to make this first experience in the pool a positive one; classes include fun activities, games, songs and flotation devices that will make sure that no baby feels threatened while they play in it.

In addition to teaching basic water safety skills, these lessons offer parents and babies a chance to bond in a secure, non-distracting setting. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin–the love hormone–which encourages stronger attachment between parent and child.

Enrolling your child in swim lessons as soon as possible is highly recommended. Studies have demonstrated that kids who take swimming lessons during their early childhood tend to be healthier than their peers, with improved immunity, lungs and muscles.

Adult Swimming Lessons

No matter if you’re a child who has never learned how to swim or an adult who has always avoided the water, our private Adult Swimming Lessons cranbourne can help you become confident in the water. Our instructors are trained in making you feel at ease and enhance your enjoyment of swimming.

swimming complex in Woodlands recognizes that swimming is more than a skill; it’s a lifestyle! It can even save lives! Drowning is the leading cause of death among both children and adults in America, so we urge everyone to learn how to swim!

We have discovered the most effective way to overcome the fear of water is by focusing on its positive attributes, not just its drawbacks. Having an instructor who can build a strong bond with you and provide you with a secure environment will allow you to feel confident in the water.

Our experienced, professional, and friendly team has many years of teaching and coaching expertise. We take great pride in offering personalized attention to each student, striving to give each pupil the highest quality swimming lesson possible in a fun yet encouraging atmosphere.

Water Safety Education

Water safety education is an integral component of swimming lessons. It informs students about drowning risks, how to save a life, and what steps to take if they get into trouble in the water.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death and injury in America, occurring almost anywhere: home pools, lakes, bathtubs, oceans, rivers, and streams.

Make sure all members of your family learn to swim so they can safely navigate and protect themselves in the water. This includes teaching them skills like entering and exiting safely, changing positions, taking a breath, and staying afloat.

YMCAs across America provide water safety education programs that teach children and teens valuable skills like recognizing hazards and helping those who are in distress. Furthermore, YMCAs are dedicated to ensuring access to these programs for kids in communities with higher drowning rates.

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