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It’s the gathering point in most homes across the country and the world. It’s the place you come to cook, eat, catch up, plan your day, and basically live your life when you’re at home. So why not make your kitchen your favorite room in the house?

Even if you’re on a budget or working with a small or even downright tiny space, it’s not so hard to dial up the style factor in your kitchen. It just takes a little ingenuity and a few design essentials to change the room’s whole vibe to one of sophistication and taste.

These five essentials come in a broad range of prices and styles, and can turn almost any kitchen into the one of your design dreams!

  1. Jars Of Uncooked Pasta

Nothing screams, “has their stuff together” like a strategically placed row of jars of uncooked pasta. Seriously, who has this? Only the most organized, kitchen savvy people, that’s who. Be one of them! It’s as easy as grabbing a set of clear glass jars and a couple of bags of uncooked pasta. You can figure out the rest!

  1. A Colorful Pegboard

If it worked for Julia Child, it can certainly work for your kitchen! A colorful pegboard organizer for your cooking essentials will turn even the drabbest kitchen into a midcentury masterpiece!

  1. A Modern Chic Spice Rack

Keep the modern theme going in your kitchen with a design inspired spice rack. Just because it’s a spice rack, doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or hidden away. Put an ultra modern one on display for all to see your sense of organization and undeniable taste.

  1. A Mini Wine Fridge For Entertaining

First of all, kudos to you if you have enough wine lying around the house to fill one of these up. You truly are an adult who has thought of everything! Show off how much you have your life together with a mini wine fridge and keep your best sauvignon blanc and riesling perfectly chilled.

A Set Of Copper Canisters

What to use to store your flour, sugar, tea, coffee beans, or anything else in bulk? A super classy set of copper canisters, that’s what. With this beautiful and timeless kitchen essential, you’ll be dying for your neighbor to come ask to borrow a cup of sugar, or just waiting to bake your next cake in style!

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