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Raksha Bandhan is a festival on which siblings left no stone unturned to make each other feel how blessed they are to have them in life. Rakhi in India celebrated with the great enthusiasm and joy that bring a smile on the face of each sibling. Sisters who are residing outside India and busy with their work, take same day Rakhi delivery service to surprise their brothers who are in India to make feel them extremely special.

Why restrict the festival with home? This Raksha Bandhan spread the love and happiness around you and let your love reach to the ones who desire them. Yes, this Raksha Bandhan does some social service and helps those with your siblings who need.

Let’s have some idea of what can be done to make the occasion of Raksha Bandhan special and memorable. Also, it is a great way to contribute to making the world a better place. Have a look-

  1. Plant the Plants

Buying Rakhi online or tying to your brothers is the usual way of celebrating the beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan. This Raksha Bandhan celebrates differently and plants the trees in front of your house, in the city, hospital, roadsides, schools and other related places. This is a great contribution to save the environment and make the people aware of global warming effects and how plants help to save the planet.

  1. Tie Rakhi to orphans

Tying Rakhi to our siblings is exciting and a beautiful tradition, but this festival can be more exciting when you will tie Rakhi to the orphans. Yes, your Rakhi will surely bring a big smile on their face and it automatically makes your heart happy. It is a beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion like a Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Use eco-friendly products

Celebrate the eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan by using all the products from decoration to Rakhi which is eco-friendly. So, turn the occasion into the special one for your siblings too by teaching them the value of using eco-friendly products.

  1. Spread the message of Love

On this special day of Raksha Bandhan, you can run a campaign which spread the message of love. Let’s the people know what can love do. Let’s them know when you love each other, and then earth will be a better place to live.

  1. Promote girl education

One more way to make the occasion of Raksha Bandhan special and memorable is that on this day, you can run a campaign which protects the education of a girl in rural and urban areas. You can search for the places where people are not aware of the value of girls education and do visit to that place with the siblings. There you can make them understand how girl education benefits a house to the country. When a girl is educated, then it will bring a positive impact on society.

These are some fantastic ideas which will surely spread happiness all around and bring a bright smile on the face of people around you. It is an ideal way to celebrate the occasion and make it memorable to the dearest siblings too and teach them a lesson of humanity. If your siblings are living in Chennai or any other part of India, then you can send Rakhi to Chennai or wherever they are living with the help of online Rakhi portal called

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