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Cosmetics are referred to as the products which are used for personal care ranging from skin moisturizers, hair colors, eyelashes, etc. to deodorants, hair serums. Having great eyelashes is one of the ways to give a rocking look even without a makeup-free face. Eyelashes are the way to provide aesthetic beauty to our face as well as they serve a critical function in the safety of our eyes. The eyes are considered to be the body’s main organs. If you want to get their best performance, it is very important to provide them with great care to carry out their natural function. If you are really struggling to choose which strip of eyelashes suits your face, visit Faux Mink Eyelashes – Nikkia Joy Cosmetics for the best options and choices.

  • 3D Lash Styles:

If you want to give away the dramatic look, the best option for you is to have 3D eyelashes. These eyelashes have been expertly designed with double layered to have more volume and density. Wearing them enhances the beauty of your eyes and provides you with a bold and dimensional appearance.

  • Human Hair Lashes:

As the name suggests, these type of lashes is made from natural hair to give natural look. They are very light-weighted and extremely comfortable. If you are the beginner and trying to get comfortable with the artificial eyelashes, it is perfect to wear human hair eyelashes as it provides a natural and great look. 

  • Synthetic Lashes:

Synthetic Lashes are generally suited for giving a heavy makeup look like these types of lashes provide more and dense enhancement to eyes bringing out a more dramatic look. People who prefer light-weighted eyelashes or a more natural look than artificial ones may not find it suitable. These types of lashes come with a thicker lash band thus providing a denser look.

  • Mink Lashes:

Mink Lashes are generally famous for creating a fluffy texture. It is considered to be one of the top lash choices for providing an attractive blend to the eyes. These types of lashes are very soft as they are made from silk. Mink Lashes provide an extremely natural look and a very delicate appearance due to their unbeatable curl. They come up with enhanced volume, length, and texture. When worn, they provide a finished and unique look that is very different from other types of eyelashes. Also, they should be handled with extra care as they are made from silk and highly slippery.

  • Russian Lashes: 

Russian Lashes are considered to be the latest trend nowadays. They are best known for their extremely thin quality. They come in various forms that tend to last for 4-6 weeks. They provide a very unique appearance to the eyes and are very easy to handle due to their lightweight. 

Eyelashes are considered to be a sign of beauty in many cultures. They are the best way to protect the eyes. Eyelashes provide a glamorous look to your eyes bringing out a different appearance and look to your face.  

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