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How storytelling can help children harness the power of communication betterHow storytelling can help children harness the power of communication better

When we talk of fun activities online, storytelling deserves special mention. Amongst building innovative hobbies to do online this season for your little ones, what better way to unlock their imagination, keep then engaged and boost their visualization, creativity and imaginative skills courtesy of storytelling? Technology has brought the power of stories to our doorsteps and fingertips but nothing matches the benefits and feel of a good old classic storytelling session. 

From iconic kids stories to moral stories for kids and other short stories for kids spanning mythology, fiction, history and more, there are a wealth of options available for parents wishing to introduce their bundles of joy to enlivening and enriching storytelling sessions. Storytelling is a vital part of the development journey from preschool onwards. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits offered by storytelling sessions: 

  • Inculcate virtues in children- Young children love listening to wonderful stories. When you put in more time for storytelling with children, you are instilling fantastic virtues which will last them a lifetime. You can tell them meaningful and engaging stories with characters, the values of whom they can also emulate and aspire to while inculcating valuable lessons alongside. Children can learn about wisdom, kindness, compassion and honesty through their favorite characters and stories alike. 
  • Enhance skills of listening- It is not always easy to hold the attention of children for a long time span. Most children find it difficult to focus on things for an extended duration. Storytelling will go a long way towards enhancing listening skills of your kids, increasing their overall attentiveness and focus on a particular aspect. 
  • Builds imaginative powers- Children listening to stories automatically start imagining the characters, places and plots. This builds their imaginative powers and encourages them to conjure up their own stories in their heads. This enhances creativity greatly in the long run. 
  • Enhances the cultural quotient- Storytelling enhances the cultural quotient for children, enabling them to learn about new cultures, places and traditions. 
  • Boosts communication powers- Telling stories to kids and reading enhances abilities of expression while encouraging communication of feelings, ideas and thoughts alike. You’ll find your little ones continually adding new words to their vocabulary. 
  • Boosts memory and retention while making learning more fun and easy at the same time. 
  • Storytelling also enhances social skills considerably. Children learn how to pay attention more to others and actively listen to those who are talking. They learn patience while others are speaking. They also open their minds to the fact that others have thoughts while gradually learning that opinions vary from one person to another. 

Young children can learn so many positive things about life and their surrounding world courtesy of storytelling. It will give them numerous opportunities for learning delightful concepts and ideas, especially newer ones that they have not come across earlier. Parents should certainly opt for storytelling sessions, especially those involving classic kids stories. These innovative programs are offered by Yellow Class for taking your kids on a magical roller coaster of fascinating tales! 

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