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Kickboxing is one of the high-intensity workouts for strength and flexibility. It is not your normal gym session where you stay on the treadmill and try to lose a few pounds.

It is a set of cardiovascular workouts and aerobics that keep your body muscles flexible.

There are some secrets (read: do’s and don’ts) that we have learned in our kickboxing classes in Dallas.

We have got 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Kickboxing that you must know. While we have discussed just five do’s and don’ts,  there are plenty more that need your attention.  However, for beginners, these are important. Check them briefly down below:


  1. Do Warm-Up Before Your Workout

When you are not doing any exercise, your body is in the rest phase. But when you start working out your body needs a warmup and a few stretches to get muscles ready for an intense workout.

  1. Stay Motivated and Positive

Kickboxing is a competitive sport. It is hardcore and cannot be handled by a weak-hearted. So, if you know that you are capable of this training you need to stay motivated. Sometimes, workout sessions will consume all your energy, but you gotta stay positive because, in the end, you will be reaping the fruit of your effort.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Kickboxing will involve a lot of sweating so drink as much water as you could before, during, and after the workout. Eating may not be a good idea but staying hydrated is going to make you feel okay.  Bring your water bottle.

  1. Take a Break

While we all want to get over with the kickboxing session, you must take a break and catch your breath. Taking a break and doing some less intense exercise can boost your energy.

  1. Learn to Avoid Injury

Although the core moves are pretty much the base of what you can do and should do. You should work on learning moves by which you can avoid injury. Practice throwing a punch and kick. Besides the classroom or studio, you should practice your moves in front of a mirror. This can get you a better idea of who you are.


  1. Don’t Let Negativity Take a Toll on You

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the training hours you put in and not getting better but don’t think negatively. You might need more practice to finally make your mark. Don’t be hard on yourself, there is a long way before you succeed, but keep up the good work.

  1. Don’t Eat Before the Class

For such a heavy workout, it is best to not eat anything before the class. If you eat, there is a chance you might vomit. Experts recommend eating at least an hour before gym class.

  1. Don’t Lock Your Joints While Fighting

So many amateurs try to fight in kickboxing, but they forget about keeping their joints locked while throwing a punch. Don’t lock them, do what you are capable of. If you want to kick high, do that and raise your leg as high as you can while maintaining your body’s balance.

  1. Don’t Wear Regular Shoes

If you are kickboxing, you need to lose your regular fashionable shoes and wear comfortable aerobics shoes or any kind of athletics trainers. If you don’t wear these shoes, you can have problems forming a perfect kick.

  1. Don’t Throw Punches While Holding Dumbbells

Sometimes people forget that they are wearing weights or holding the dumbbells and they just throw punches, but you should never do that. It can damage your joints even when weight is not much.

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