Thu. May 23rd, 2024
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Everyone wants to look and feel good since this has a way of boosting one’s confidence. One of the easiest and definite ways to achieve this is to make sure you look good. Grooming yourself and ensuring that you stand out starts by doing the small things right. Nail art is a simple yet unique way to stand out. Fortunately, it does not have to be an expensive affair that takes all of your time. Anyone can get their nails looking perfect simply by doing suitable nail artwork at home. However, it takes a bit of creativity and following simple tips to achieve this goal, as suggested below.

  • Start with the basic – Cut and File the Nails.

Before you apply your favorite gelish nail polish, you need to work on getting the perfect nails first. This starts with cleaning, trimming, and filing the nails. The process shapes the nails as you would prefer and ensures that you have the right size and shape of nails to apply the polish on. Fortunately, you can always buy the kit to help you prep your nails at home. 

The set may contain a set of clippers and nail files that you can reuse every time you need to file your nails. It would help if you aimed to have nails that are equally sized and smooth around the edges. Most beauticians and nail artists will use simple nail files to achieve this. Practice makes perfect. 

You may not get it right the first time, but with a few rounds of application, you master the art of doing your gel polish at home. In the end, it is cheaper and more convenient because you can change the polish whenever you want. The initial cost may be high because of purchasing the items you need, but it is worth it in the end.

  • Treat the Nail Beds

Just because you are doing your nails at home does not mean that you have to skip any necessary steps. It is crucial to treat the nail beds of your nails once you have filed and smoothen them. Do this by applying cuticle oil on the beds, as this helps loosen the cuticles, making it easy to push the cuticles back. 

Remove excess oil before applying any gel since this can easily cause the gel to shift, and you do not want that. Once you start using the gel, you want the nails to stay in position and not lift awkwardly.

  • Buff the Nails

This one requires that you do the buffing from one end to the next. Failing to do it only means that natural oils on your hand get to accumulate. Note that the buildup of these oils only shortens the lifespan of your gel polish, meaning that you may have to redo it faster than when you take care of the nails. Once you buff the nails, get rid of the residue and excess oil using an alcohol-based wipe. This gets rid of all the unwanted stuff that may result from the buffing and cleaning.

  • Apply the Base Coat

When you are satisfied with how your nails look after prepping and removing all elements that could interfere with gel application, apply the first coat, the base coat. It works as a foundation that forms a base for the real makeup, which will be the gel polish. Once you apply the base coat, cure it with a UV lamp for at least 30 seconds. 

  • Finish by Applying Your Favorite Color of Gel Polish

Choose the right color for your gel polish once you have your base coat in place. The color choice you go for depends on various things, including your theme for the week or duration you will have the polish on. You may also want to look at the color that flatters your skin tone, making you pop and feel confident, and finally, a color you love because it will show. 

Consider the attire and style pairing for the period you will be wearing the polish. Note that there are different shades of nail polish color and what people love differs. Select a color that best represents your personality and charm.

After choosing the best color for the season and purpose, proceed to apply the polish. The number of coats you apply is dependent on the results you want to achieve. This may depend on how pronounced you want the color to appear. Lighter shades have fewer coats compared to concentrated colors, which require several coats. For the gel polish to work perfectly, ensure to cure each coat properly.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to have great natural gel nails without visiting a nail artist or a beauty salon. All you need to do is gather the right tools and practice taking care of your nails every day. Learn how to file and shape your nails even when you do not have to visit the salon. Choose the correct nail polish colors that flatter your skin tone and make you feel good about yourself. In addition to this, ensure that the UV lamps you use are good enough to cure all the coats of gel polish you apply. Once you do this several times, you may get better at it.

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