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Best Hair loss solutionsBest Hair loss solutions

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never takes off”

Everyone wants to make a wonderful and indelible impression on the opposite gender through his/her personality, and the first thing that one observes is the hairstyle of the person. Hair is the glamorous part of a person’s charm and makes a man or a woman looking more dandy and graceful. A modest hairstyle makes a person more attractive and improves his looks.

But the irony is, as a man reaches the peak of his youth, his hairline starts receding and hair loss begins. But here the women got an advantage, they suffer less from pattern baldness than men. However women are not completely bypassed, their hairs also get thin over time.

Hair loss is not vulnerable and life-threatening but it can severely affect the status of life. A man can be rejected from the job or marriage proposal only because of baldness, a woman can be neglected in the fashion industry only because of hairs. So a perfect hairstyle with stunning looks is a dream of every human being. Where there is a problem, there is an array of solutions.

Hair loss solutions are pretty much in demand in the cosmetic industry, and there are huge advancements and magnanimous discoveries in this particular field in the mid 20th century.

Even the issue of Hair loss “Alopecia” is also widely studied from the medical point of view. There are various genetic, psychiatric, physiological, dietary, and psychosocial reasons in the background of hair loss. Several pharmaceutical industries have developed potential drugs to treat hair loss. (1) A drug named “Minoxidil” has been widely used for this purpose.You can also read minoxidil rogaine reviews to know more about this product.

It’s a topical treatment with a very simple physiologic mechanism. It is a vasodilator and when applied to the scalp, it increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulates hair growth (2). Both men and women can use this and it’s easily available in the market. But obviously, these drugs have certain side effects and lesser efficacy and sometimes even don’t show positive results after months of application.

  1. Low-level light therapy (LLLT) is another very simple therapeutic technique in which a laser beam is directly administered on the scalp to boost the growth of hair and follicles. Laser beam rich in energy get absorbed into the cells of hair follicles and enhances cellular activity. But this method is not be used on a commercial basis and is not favored by positive shreds of evidence.
  2. Plasma-rich platelets (PRP) injection is the most effective and invasive technique. In this technique, the blood sample is taken from the affected individual and injected into the scalp after centrifugation. The platelets in the blood directly act on the follicular cells and stimulate them to grow faster. PRP is more invasive because the plasma used in this technique is harvested from the same individual. “When injected into the scalp, PRP acts like fertilizer for the hair, allowing it to grow stronger and thicker,” explains board-certified Beverly Hills dermatologic surgeon Jason Emer, MD.(3) This method is useful and effective but it is not cost-friendly, it can cost 200$ up to 1000$ to patients.
  3. A very famous non-surgical hair replacement method that has been used widely in the late 19th and early 20th century is the hair toupee. Toupee is a French word that means “tuft of hairs”. In this method a synthetic or natural wig of hair is used to cover the bald spots in men, women can also use it to lengthen their short and thin hairs. The toupee hairs look near to natural and the patient can take them off during sleeping and bathing. By wearing wigs a bald person can pretend to have shiny hairs. Toupee also got limelight and attention in comedy shows and was sarcastically criticized. The hair toupee is simple to handle and not very expensive but nowadays it is not widely used and strictly prohibited because head weavers when weaved so tightly on the scalp can block the growth of the rest of natural hairs permanently. So this method cannot be used for long-term benefit and also banned in some areas.
  4. A newly introduced technique by the Crown Clinic is scalp micro-pigmentation. It’s an innovative and simpler technique to mimic natural hairs by tattooed small spots on the scalp. In this method, ink is used to cover the patches on the bald head with tiny dots which mimics a partially shaved head with a smooth layer of hair on it. The ink used in this method can be permanent and temporary depending on the cost of the package, and it is an easy way to relieve the difficulties of a person suffering from hair fallout without even replacing hairs or re-growth.

There are many other approved and unapproved procedures like explained above available in the market but when it comes to permanent solutions and natural recovery from hair loss, debate ends on diet and preliminary hair care. Every organ, cell, or tissue of our body is directly affected by our diet.

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A healthy focused diet with a large number of proteins, fatty acids multivitamins, and other essential nutrients can help your hair grow faster and alleviate the issue of hair loss. Certain supplements are also available which can assimilate enriched nutrients like Vitamin C, E, biotin, zinc, and other trace minerals in hair follicles and ameliorate their production.

Haircare is an essential tool in preventing hair loss. Lightly brushing, avoiding straighteners or treating hair with hot rollers, preventing hairs from continuous exposure to UV light, eliminate using unnecessary chemicals on hair, using shampoo of good quality, applying conditioners on dry hairs like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, and oil serums, etc These precautionary measures can surely increase the age of Hairs.

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