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5 Factors to Check When Buying Bathroom Shelves

Guess the most neglected part of your house, the one-room you focus on little. The interior design is of no concern, as this place is usually hidden away. That’s your bathroom. It is the only room in the house that cleans up many but gets messy and cluttered in turn.

It takes only a few trips to the bathroom to make it look like a disaster. You may want your bathroom to look like the ones featured in the designing magazines but can’t figure out how. There are plenty of designing options for making your bathroom look chic with the right shelves.

Installing bathroom shevles aren’t only decor decisions but they can also be fully part of your practical decisions. You can organize all your towels, linens, cleaning material, toiletries, and knick-knacks to give your bathroom a cleaner look. Choosing the best ones can be tricky, though.

There are many bathroom wall shelf designs you can choose from. The material depends mainly on your theme, the make of the bathroom, and what you intend to achieve in decorating the space. Unfinished wood adds a farmhouse appeal, whereas glass or metal are perfect for contemporary home interiors. 

Here are the 5 factors to consider when you are all set to invest in bathroom shelves. 

  1. Budget

As bathroom renovation is on the bottom of your budget list, you must fix an amount that your purse strings allow. Keep a realistic number and then proceed. Set your expectations. Some shelf materials are more economical than others. Steel shelves are the costliest. Glass, wood, and plastic are other popular options to choose from. 

You can opt for ready-to-mount bathroom shelves from the stores or design your piece of art and display it proudly. 

  1. Available Space

A lot depends on the size of your bathroom. Like any other room, the bathroom shelves should please and aesthetically mounted. Wooden shelves are not advisable if space is near the water or steam. It can absorb moisture and get ruined before time. You can use glass, stainless steel, and plastic creatively. 

  1. Height

How far above can you reach? Will it be convenient for the others in the family? A comfortable height for your household is very logical thinking.

  1. Width and Depth

What kind of bathroom shelf measurement are you looking at? How wide and deep should the shelves be? For more expansive spaces, a bathroom shelf that is bulkier and bigger will work. For tiny spaces, you need to think of creative ways to have a storage area that won’t eat up most of the space.

  1. Styles

Last but not least, choose a style that you can identify with. The rest of your home’s interior will also serve as a guide. There are hundreds of traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary styles to choose from. 

Designing the bathroom is a necessity as you spend a lot of time in the bathroom on average. You literally start and finish your day in the bathroom. And your bathroom says a lot about you. Everyone likes an organized and clean bathroom space. You can redesign, renovate and remodel your bathroom space with bright ideas using the bathroom shelves. 


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