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Celebrate Employee Service Anniversaries

In the corporate and professional world, celebrating employee service years or anniversaries is a way to express appreciation and gratitude to your people. Employees like to be recognized, and service anniversaries play an essential role in identifying and acknowledging their contributions to the company.

Employees are an integral part of any organization. You should never miss any opportunity to know they are valued and appreciated for all the work they do, whether it is their first year or their 25th

Honoring employees for their years of service is a nice gesture and fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. As management, one thing to note is to give meaningful awards for celebrating every work anniversary. Avoid giving forgettable awards to your employees who have spent valuable time and effort on your company. 

In today’s workplace, it is more than presenting an award and shaking hands. Read here to know how to choose meaningful awards for celebrating employee service anniversaries. 


  • Know Your Employee’s Personality and Interests


The employee service awards you choose to give should be appropriate for the employee. For instance, an introverted employee may not like informal gatherings such as a team celebration to a restaurant or a park. This is why it is crucial to choose an award that can be customized to each employee’s interests and suits his or her personality. 

The awards for service anniversaries might include music or sports event tickets or a vacation, a gift voucher for their favorite store, or anything they always wanted. 


  • Give a Combination of Symbolic and Personal Awards


No matter what gifts you give, a personalized message or video from the CEO or senior leader will make the experience memorable. Express in your message how the performance and effort of the employee have helped the company. A personalized book with messages from peers and leaders will also be a meaningful gift to give, making them feel a part of the company. 

Along with a personal message, the physical gift awards you give should also be something that employees desire, like jewelry, vacation, or home accessories. A cash bonus might not work for employee service anniversaries as it will not make the occasion memorable and instead will be spent on paying bills and utilities.


  • Offer Awards that are Appropriate for Years of Service 


It does not make sense to give the same award for a 5-year service and a 10-year service. Instead, it would help if you chose gifts that match the achievement level. For instance, choose a luxury gift such as a watch or a piece of jewelry for an employee who has put in 20 years of service to communicate their valuable contribution to the company. You can also sponsor a trip to celebrate their achievement. Make sure whatever you give should match with the level of achievement and positively impact your employee. 


  • Choose Personalized Gifts That Align with the Company’s Culture or Values


Badges and lapel pins that display your corporate logo make for meaningful gifts to give to employees. They will remind employees of the company’s appreciation for years and the company’s culture. Gifts engraved with the important date that marks their years of service can also commemorate their achievement. These gifts are one of the best ways to acknowledge their years of service. 


  • Give the Gift of Time or Promotional Opportunities 


For employees who have served your company for a long tenure, you can consider giving them the gift of time or promotion. A significant amount of time off or a vacation or announcing their promotion can be a great way to show the company’s appreciation for their loyalty and dedication they have shown over the years. The time off or promotion they get will bring back more commitment for your company. 


  • Opt for a Modern Service Award Program 


Opting for a modern service award program is an excellent solution for organizations to appreciate employees the way they deserve it. These programs include awards that can turn employee service anniversaries into memorable events. 

Companies can save their time and leave the difficult task of formulating years of service award program to a qualified recognition platform. These programs give employees the power to choose a gift from a selection of rewards. Giving employees gifts of their choice is a great way to acknowledge their achievements. 

Employee work anniversaries celebrate your team’s loyalty and dedication. It has a profound impact on overall employee engagement and retention. A meaningful gift for employees will be the one that will remind the employee that they are genuinely appreciated. It will also bring long-term benefits to your business. 


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