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Even though people age, they are ready to maintain a youthful look by all means. Medical treatments such as Botox are a good example of procedures to maintain a young-looking face.

Botox specialists inject the toxin into your face to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. The Botox McDonough specialists at Ideal MedSpas are more than happy to offer Botox treatment to you. Here are important facts you ought to know about Botox.


  1. Botox treatment may limit you from doing certain things

The Botox specialists will advise you to refrain from certain activities immediately after you get the treatment. Medical specialists warn people to refrain from high-intensity exercises after getting Botox. High-intensity exercises will affect your blood pressure in the nerves around the head, which may reduce the effectiveness of Botox. However, Botox specialists allow you to carry on with your regular workout or high-intensity exercises a few days after getting Botox. You are also not supposed to take medications that cause blood thinning. Ibuprofen, Pradaxa, and aspirin are blood-thinning medications. Taking these medications may cause bruises at the injected parts.

  1. The procedure is painful

Botox is an invasive procedure that involves injecting your skin. The doctors will apply some ice on the affected area, but you will feel some pain a few hours after the Botox injections. Pain is inevitable, especially if injections cause it to the face. The pain is nothing to worry about because it is not extreme. Moreover, the injected areas will not hurt a lot unless complications occur.

  1. Moral Obligations should not deter you from getting Botox

Society viewed medical procedures that improve people’s appearance as taboo. This is a modern world where medical technology is currently acceptable by society. The same applies to Botox. You should not be intimidated by traditional stereotypes that prevent you from getting Botox. Embrace artificial methods of becoming attractive without getting intimidated by outdated moral views. 

  1. Botox is a temporary solution

Botox is very effective in improving the appearance of wrinkles, but the results are not permanent. Botox works by freezing the face’s nerves from muscle movements that reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox will cease the nerves that cause muscle movement for a few months, and after that, it will not be effective. It would help if you went for subsequent Botox injections to maintain the effectiveness of the Botox. Although Botox is temporary, the results are very effective.

  1. Anyone can get Botox

Botox is accessible to individuals of all social classes. A few years back, society thought that only celebrities had access to Botox treatments. You can get Botox treatment as long as you can pay for the treatment, which is affordable for many people in society.


Many people are embracing modern methods to preserve their youthful faces. Botox is a great option that requires minimal effort by individuals. Presently Botox is common and successful for many people. Botox specialists have the appropriate medical resources to perform the procedure. Dr. Lilian Schapiro, MD, will provide you with Botox treatment after booking an appointment at Ideal MedSpa.

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