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There are several types of gases existing in this world. From those gases, some gases are easier to collect and transport, but some are difficult. Common gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, liquid argon play an essential role in every application in daily life. Some gases and their applications are.

  • Nitrogen

Nitrogen is the fundamental component in nitro beers. The dissolving capability of this gas is lesser compared to other gases. So make them dissolve by applying continuous pressure and keeping them cold. And this gas is also used for keeping guns from getting frozen. The fire suppression ability of the gas makes it employed in portable fire extinguishers. And this process is done by reducing oxygen present in the atmosphere and does not produce any by-products.


  • Argon

The gas is known for its unconditional usage in fluorescent and incandescent lamps. And such bulbs will have a long life period due to the inert behaviour of the gas. Also, gas has a prominent role in the welding process. During the process, it helps to prevent the formation of contamination and enhance the stability of the process. Oxidation prevention is a vital issue caused by each welder. So here, argon will be the best choice to avoid that. And now liquid argon is widely used as a filling component in bulbs. Following liquid argon gases, some other gases are also used in such bulbs for getting different colour combination lights.


  • Carbon dioxide

The non-toxic behaviour of this gas makes it more popular in soft drinks. It also preserves the beverage for a very long time. And another property of this gas is its high soluble ability with liquids.


  • Helium

The most common use of this colourless gas is in balloons. And the gas is used in fibre optics technology for preventing the formation of air bubbles in fibres that will badly affect the transmission process. The non-toxic and non-inflammable properties make this gas beneficial in the medical industry. In MRI scanners, helium is a helper to cool the superconducting magnets used in it. The low-temperature behaviour of the gas is applied here.


The most significant uses of argon gas are:


  • In the medical industry, argon is used for treating retinal detachment and retinal phototherapy. And these two treatments are beneficial for those who face diabetes. So such gases help to run this process with extreme precision.
  • The property of emitting a purple glow when electricity passes through it makes the gas beneficial for use in neon tubes. And this will save money lot and increase the lifetime of bulbs.
  • It is employed for manufacturing titanium metal in casting industries. In the steel manufacturing process, argon helped to avoid chromium losses. Like this, during aluminium manufacturing, the gas is used to remove hydrogen.
  • The inert behaviour of this itself acts as a protective layer. This helps to prevent the degradation of old documents.
  • In a country like Australia, gas is employed as a thermal insulator in double glazed windows.
  • In scuba diving, the mixing of gases like oxygen and argon is used as breathable gases.


There are several independent distribution partners available in Australia for purchasing argon gas. Sometimes suppliers supply argon in both compressed gas and cryogenic liquid forms. And they provide a high standard and guaranteed gas. Most of these gas cylinder tanks are stored upright in a well-ventilated storage area that is dry and cool. And the single-cylinder tank will last depending on the flow rate. Argon is denser than air, so it is used in most beverages for displacing oxygen. And also, the inflammable property makes the gas more beneficial in industries.

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