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We not only wear a belt to hold up our pants but a belt completes and ties our outfit together. Belts are subtle statements that play into our sense of style. However, when choosing a particular belt, it has to be appropriate for the occasion and it has to be the right length. Leather belts are particularly useful as they can mix and match with many different outfits because of their natural qualities.

Whether you are going for a well-cut and formal suit or a casual street outfit, your belt can be the centerpiece of your look.

Here are some styling tips for your leather belts to make sure you don’t buckle under the pressure (pun intended):

The casual street look

Casual belts have an easy time tying together the upper and lower half of your outfit. A casual look might include light denim, cargo pants, or cargo shorts. Bold solid colors will work in this outfit. What makes a leather belt formal, and what makes them casual? It’s all in the width of the belt.

A wider belt is a bit more casual and chic than a narrow belt.  Bold solid colors will work in this outfit. Color matching your belt and shoe is very important especially after picking the right belt width.

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Suits and Formal wear

Wearing a belt to that uptight formal occasion? This typically means a narrower style of belt. The thinner your dress belt is, the more formal it is. Formal dress belts should be plain high quality, and silky leather. In addition, a suitable dress belt should have a metallic frame buckle. Dress belt buckles should always be subtle unless you want them to be the centerpiece of your entire dress outfit. Avoid any color with your belt, usually black or brown will do and depends on the color of your suit and the shoe you are wearing

Monochromatic Outfit

Monochromatic outfits insist on a one-color dress theme. If you aren’t looking at a formal setting, then any color will do. Your belt’s accent piece should be in tune with the main color, you should choose a less noticeable color for your belt material. More importantly, your pants and upper body have to blend nicely with your belt. Pick any leather color belt and go all out. Then, finally, you choose a shade for your belt. Ideally, the belt material and buckle color match the shoe color.

All black outfit

A lot of men have all-black outfits in their closets. From black shoes to black dress-up pants and casual jeans an all-black outfit is easy to pull off. Leather belts are also a preferred material for this category. Don’t choose a bright-colored buckle, simple metallic fasteners will work just fine. Black leather boots are a sure way to match up the belt and infuse that extra touch of class into your outfit.

Color block outfit

Color blocking is a fun new way to express your personality through vibrant colors in your outfit. Color blocking involves the heavy use of two-tone “blocks of color” in your outfit to create a statement with your outfit that will surely turn some heads. Since color blocking involves two or more blocks of bold colors. Aim to create a stylish pattern or theme with the color of the buckle and belt strap.


Different outfits can be styled different ways with a  leather belt. The width and color of the leather are two of the most important things to consider when matching your belt and your outfit. For formal looks keep things minimalistic, simple, and sleek with clean lines preferably black. But with casual or going out outfits, have fun with colors to make a statement.

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