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Flower Girl Dresses Vogue

Needless to say, the wedding day is a big day for every future couple who are going to enter the wedding palace. Big day means careful and thoughtful preparation from the wedding place that you are going to hold your wedding, the food that you are going to cater for your guest, then comes to the most essential part, wedding apparel. Speaks of Wedding apparel, the first thing floods into one’s mind may be the bride’s elegant wedding gowns, bridegroom’s handsome suits. Something missed? Of course, bridesmaid dresses as well as flower girl dresses. Besides wedding gowns and bridegroom’s suits, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses play a significant part in the whole story. The flower girl is the sweetest little wedding guest of them all, stealing hearts as she precedes the bride in her own miniature fairytale dress. What a perfect opportunity to create the perfect finishing touch. Flower girl dress is another shining point in weddings. The following I am going to talk about is flower girl dresses.

Following the fashion step, the bridal styles have evolved dramatically over the years. However, flower girl fashion has changed very little. The style of the flower girl dresses shouldn’t come out of left field. Tie it in to some other aspect of the wedding: It can echo the styling of the bridesmaids in color, style, or length. Or, it can be a mini version of the bride’s dress or have similar elements such as lace or beading. The flower girl dress can be short or long, but it is always classically “little girl” in style. Certain styles work better in a big hotel ballroom, others on a beach, so keep that in mind as you shop. Some online fashion search includes flower girl apparel; so take some time to browse for the right look.

Flower girls of any age will look darling in a satin flower girl dress featuring big floral blooms.  For example, a white satin tank bodice looks great with a tangerine flowered skirt.  Either sandals or flats go well with this age appropriate selection.  Consider adding small bud or two to her hair as the perfect finishing touch.

Another popular fad is to dress the flower girl in a dress of similar appearance to the bridal gown.  One way to achieve this look is by selecting a floor-length gown that flair from the waist.  A sleeveless satin bodice with beadwork and embroidery completes this timeless look.  Depending on how ornate the bridal gown is, you could even use an embroidered A-line skirt with a split front.

If there are any concerns about the flower girl dress of this kind for a younger flower girl, consider pairing the dress with a floral hair wreath that features a hint of ribbon flowing down her back.  Another option is to add a crocheted sweater.  Flats or ballet slippers are always a good choice for a younger girl. Flower Girl Dresses Vogue

With no regard of season, colorful flower girl dresses are always in style. Using a dress color other than white flower girl dress is a great way for a bride to display the two different colors she has selected for her wedding.  If only one color was selected then all members of the bridal party could also wear the same shade.

A satin dress with wide spaghetti straps will not only look adorable, but is also a great alternative to the thinner spaghetti straps worn by the bridesmaids.  A gown in a tea-length is another substitution more appropriate for younger girls.  The addition of a bow is the perfect way to either tie in the color of the rest of the wedding party or to add a coordinating shade all her own.  Since this is an evergreen style, matching sandals are perfect for weddings in the spring and summer while close-toe shoes are a better option for the colder months.

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