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An infant needs a car seat that fits securely. There are several features of a good baby car seat that parents should know before deciding to buy one of them. If you were in the mindset to purchase the best kids bike trailer, you would go through the same requirements again – so read up.

  1. Buy a Car Seat that has been Tested for Safety

The car seat must have received the testing and approval of two regulations, namely the ECE R44 and UNR 129-Size. As parents, it is very important to choose a chair that has been tested by one of these regulations.

The car seat that has received ECE R44 testing for forward-facing and rear-facing collision. While the 129-Size UNR regulation already has a side impact test. A car seat that has been tested can really help keep your child safe during a car trip. The most luxurious baby car seats always tend to pass these tests.

  1. Select According to the Child’s Age Range

Car seats have three categories based on the age of the children who use them, such as baby car seats, highback booster seats, and regular car seats. Each type has a usage range based on the child’s age.

Baby car seats are perfect for newborns up to 1-year-old. The maximum age to use this first type is a few months after the age of 1 year. Consideration is also made based on the weight of the baby. Baby car seats allow more comfortable and safer use for babies who cannot lift their heads.

The second type is Highback booster seats. This breed is suitable for children almost 12 years old. The height of the child who can use this type is at least 135 cm.

The last type is car seats which can be used until the child is 4 years old. The minimum age that allows children to use this safety seat is 2 years.

  1. Comfortable Legroom

Good car seats have a legroom adjustment. When each child’s feet are small, the car seats will be able to save space. As children grow, parents can provide more space. The car seats will allow the flexible provision of legroom according to the child’s height.

  1. Protection against Side Impact

Most of the impacts that are harmful to the safety of young children come from side impacts. Good car seats must be able to offer maximum protection from the side. This type of car seat is related to the making of UNR 129 regulations. Make sure you buy car seats that offer protection against side impacts as well.

  1. Easy Chair Installation

The convenience of installing car seats can also be a consideration for parents before buying it. Usually, you need to check the ISOfix part on the car. Buying car seats that have ISOfix specifications to match your car can make the installation process easier.

Besides being easier, the car seats can actually be installed safely in the car. This certainly greatly affects the safety of your child when using it during car trips.

You now know all the features of a good baby car seat. Make sure you buy according to the criteria described earlier to ensure the safety of your child while in the car.

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