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6 Tips For Preparing Before LASIK

Once you have chosen your LASIK procedure you will need some tips for the day of surgery. LASIK is a pretty simple procedure. There’s no general anesthesia and since it’s an outpatient procedure, you go home the same day. 

But while the surgery is a minor one, it’s still important to prepare. Any kind of operation can make you nervous, even a quick one. 

Being ready to go on your surgery date is one way to reduce nerves and stress. So here are a few things you should do before your LASIK surgery: You can always refer to our LASIK website for all things you should know about LASIK anytime in this process.

1. Discuss with Your Doctor

After you’re screened and approved for LASIK, there are a few things your doctor will want to discuss with you. They’ll have a list of instructions on what to do (and what not to do) before and after surgery. 

This may include certain prescriptions. They will also want to know what medications you’re on. 

In most cases, they’ll tell you to keep taking your medications as normal. In rare instances, they may tell you not to take a prescription leading up to or on the day of your surgery. 

It’s important to be honest when you have these discussions with your doctor. It’s also a good idea to voice any questions or concerns well in advance of your surgery.

2. Find a Ride

You won’t be able to drive yourself home after LASIK. You’ll need someone to drop you off and pick you up, or wait in the lobby while you have your surgery. 

Most procedures don’t take long at all, so your ride won’t have too long to wait. You may also be given prescriptions after your surgery, so it’ll be good to have someone who can take you to pick them up.

3. Stop Wearing Contacts

Contacts can dry out your eyes and temporarily change their shape. You’ll have to stop wearing contacts 2-4 weeks before surgery, depending on what kind of contacts you have. 

For soft contacts, you should stop wearing them 2 weeks before surgery. For toric or rigid soft lenses, three weeks; for hard contacts, 4 weeks. 

4. Clean Your Face

On the day of your LASIK surgery, it’s important not to use any makeup, lotions, or perfume on your face. It has to be completely clean to give your surgeon a sterile working space. 

Be sure to wash your face to make sure it’s completely clean on the day of surgery.

5. Eat a Good Breakfast

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, eat a decent meal before your surgery. You don’t want to be contending with hunger during surgery. 

While LASIK is short, you won’t get to go home right after it’s over. You may be spending a couple hours in the surgery center doing paperwork before the surgery and sitting in recovery for a bit after. 

Since LASIK doesn’t need general anesthesia, it’s safe to have food in your system during the operation. Fuel yourself up before you go in.

6. Get to the Center on Time

Because you’ll have to fill out paperwork and do some prep, it’s important to get to the center when they tell you to. This will likely be a bit before your actual operation. 

Getting there on time also ensures that you have the time you need to ask the surgical staff any last minute questions. If you’re too late, your surgery may have to be pushed back to accommodate other patients with surgeries scheduled that day. You don’t want that, so get there on time!

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