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No doubt, Smartphones, Laptops, and other electronics that display content in 1080p and 4K results have vanished the cable connections from the market. These days, very few people are using cable connections. Most people are using popular video platforms to watch videos. The problem with video platforms is, you need high-speed internet to watch videos without buffering. In some areas, there is no coverage of high-speed internet. That is why people install streaming apps on their smartphones to prevent buffering and watching videos without any irritation.

This article will reveal the five best streaming apps that have been ruling the streaming industry for decades. We will mention the best streaming apps, and also, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of those apps. How you can sign up and how to use those apps. Each and everything will be mentioned in great detail, so be ready, and let’s explore those apps.

The five apps that have ruled the market are as follow:

  1. Netflix

Even a deaf person who is aware of the internet knows that Netflix is a top-rated streaming app ruling the industry for decades. When I was a kid, even I have heard the name of this app. So Netflix comes on the top of our list, and here are a few reasons why:


  • The content on Netflix is premium, and the scenes skipped on your Television screen due to age restrictions are shown on Netflix
  • No video buffering occurs when you are watching a video
  • Netflix shows are countless; you cannot count their videos because of the massive collection
  • Netflix has expanded its services all over the world. It means that the people who cannot use other streaming apps can use Netflix because it provides proper coverage in Asian, Chinese, European, and several other regions
  • Netflix has many branches in every other country. The content delivered to every user is by checking his identity and region
  • You get a 30-day free trial to test this app

These were some beautiful PROS of Netflix. Now that Netflix has some pros, it has some CONS, and I will mention them.


  • Due to competition in the market, Disney Plus and other new streaming apps have withdrawn their Netflix videos
  • You’ve to provide a proper credit card or any other payee information to get its free trial
  • Some videos of a particular region are missing because they don’t have that many users in some areas

These are the three disadvantages of using Netflix. But still, it stands out in the market because it is providing its services since 1997. That is the reason it is on the first spot. Such an app can never be replaced.

2. Amazon Prime

Netflix was also founded in 1997, but Amazon was founded in 1994. Amazon’s main focus was to promote its e-commerce brand, but after successfully capturing the e-commerce market, Amazon started its streaming service. Today we know Amazon’s streaming service by the name of Amazon Prime Video.

So here are some PROS of Amazon Prime Video; make sure to read them carefully.


  • You get your order delivered in just a day or two if you are their streaming service partner
  • People get a 5% discount when they buy something from Amazon, but they must have to partner with Amazon Prime first to take this advantage
  • Music streaming is also free when you are their Prime partner.
  • No advertisements or commercials disturb you when you are watching any video
  • You can access Amazon Kindle’s store (A store with thousands of books) for free

I think these are the best advantages of becoming a Prime member of Amazon Prime.


  • Due to Netflix’s rivalry, Amazon doesn’t show Netflix content, but this thing is not suitable for users because every user has a different demand
  • If you don’t shop much, then there is no benefit of being its Prime partner
  • It encourages you to unnecessary purchases like expensive things are shown first, instead of off cheap products
  • The music library isn’t that big as it is of other competitors

Amazon Prime currently has 150 million users, whereas Netflix has 183 million premium users. That is the only reason I’ve put Amazon on the second spot.

Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, earns an extra 15-20 billion dollars through Amazon Prime.

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3. Disney Plus

I don’t want to mention Disney Plus on the 3rd spot, but I cannot stop.  This is a newly released streaming platform that is the first reason I didn’t want to mention it. But in a short time frame, it has captured the streaming market with over 50 million users in just nine months after its release.

That is why I can’t stop, and I’ve to mention in on the 3rd spot. Several other apps are old, and they are ruling the market. But this app stands out of the competition because of its features.


  • Its monthly subscription is dirt cheap than Amazon Prime and Netflix
  • Disney Plus has withdrawn its entire shows, including the Marvels and many other shows from Netflix, and now it is hosting that content in its app
  • Seven users can use one account simultaneously, and if we contribute the monthly subscription amount in seven persons, it will be like enjoying all the content in just $2 or $3
  • Several hours of content, and for kids, a separate page is given to kids to enjoy their cartoons and other stuff that the kids love


  • People faced a lot of technical issues when they have installed Disney Plus newly
  • Limited Marvels and Fox content is shown, they are taking too much time in uploading the rest series
  • You cannot adjust the video quality, everything is automatic, and you’ve to be patient to watch the videos
  • The look of its library isn’t that attractive as it is of its competitors
  • Very few, but still, the commercials appear while watching the videos

Disney Plus has expanded its services in Asian countries now. Famous Bollywood heroes take part in casting the seasons and uploading them on Disney Plus because Hotstar and Disney have partnered with each other.

4. Hulu

The 4th app that comes on my list is Hulu. It is an ancient app in the market, and it is providing its service for decades. It has countless features, and the most important is, you can see various News Channels on this app. Twide Apps is another excellent resource to see good news related to streaming. You can also check that website.

Here are some other features of this Hulu app.


  • Watching TV channels live without any cable connection
  • A massive collection of TV devices are supported
  • You can download the videos once you’ve added them to your library
  • Recording the videos you like, but 50 hours is the limit. No doubt, 50 hours are enough because, in those 50 hours, a lot of content can be downloaded
  • The monthly subscription is cheaper, but it offers several subscriptions, it is your choice that you want to pick


  • Ads appear even in paid subscriptions
  • You have to pay more to stop long commercials
  • Downloading the videos has a limitation. Only on iOS, the videos can be downloaded, but still, they are limited
  • Only those users who have paid for non-commercial subscription plans can download videos
  • You get a maximum of 60 channels to watch the news

These were the PROS and CONS of the Hulu app. I think this app is expensive, but it doesn’t deliver more content for what the users pay. Still, it is considered as a top streaming app, but I don’t like it personally.

5. HBO Max

This product is another streaming app that has performed well in a short time frame. This app was released just one month ago, or in other words, we can say that two months are about to pass. This app has performed well because all the HBO GO and HBO Now users are migrated to HBO Max without any additional charge of the money.


  • HBO Go and HBO Now content is migrated on this app to enjoy loads of content for free
  • The price of this app is dirt cheap, it is a bit expensive from other apps, but when it comes to content. It is providing more content in less price
  • No commercials appear while watching the videos. The advertisements come, but when you are attending any video, they don’t come


  • No Sports coverage. People who are fond of watching sports should not use this app
  • You are not given a single chance to test this app and decide whether to choose or no. You’ve to pay the money first. Then you can check the app

These were the two disadvantages of using this app. Moreover, it was released a few days ago, so more obstacles will come when more people use this app. We got good reviews about MHDTV Live so; here is best place to download MHDTV Live.

Many other apps are performing well in the market. But we’ve mentioned the popular ones. I suggest every user must use Disney Plus and Netflix. Well, that is my personal opinion, so don’t get stuck with this. You’ve full rights to choose the app you want.

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