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Summer House Party

A summer house party can be a great thing when done right. The weather is good and now you get to hang out with your friends and have a good time. If you don’t plan ahead for a house party, then things can easily end up being out of hand. Below are the top 10 tips that you can use for planning and holding a summer party.

Telling the neighbors

Let your neighbors know about your party to avoid catching them unaware at night. Neighbors are going to be ready to let you have one night of fun if you let them know in advance so they can prepare accordingly. You can even invite them over for the party.

Strictly V.I.P

Think how many people you can accommodate in your home then who you are going to invite. In most cases, not everyone you invited is going to turn up for the party, but if you choose to invite a lot of people, then things can easily get out of control. Make sure it is exclusive, like using a request through a secret Facebook event. You also have to be clear on the number of people they can come with.

Getting the music started

Your party will go down if you don’t have a good playlist. While most people like Adele’s music, it is hard for them to bop to it the whole night. You should choose fun songs that are going to be great for the party. If you are having a hard time coming up with a playlist, then it might be a good idea to make a collaborative playlist with your friends. Tell them to add to the playlist on Spotify.Garden office shed is also good choice for summer that make your space cool and comfortable.

Turn the party up

When you are done with the playlist, the next step is making sure that the guests are going to hear it. it is not good when they arrive at the party and they are greeted with distorted or quiet music. Get a decent sound system that is going to entertain your guests.

Locking your valuables away

Take your valuables and put them into one room which you can lock and prevent access by anyone apart from you. This is going to remove this worry and you can now enjoy the party to the fullest.


You should be careful not to overload your freezer and fridge days before the party because it might be taking up space for drinks and food. People like drinking cold beers, make sure you stock up on them before the party starts. If you don’t have enough space, get a few buckets and fill them up with ice so that the drinks remain cool.


People are going to notice it when you put the effort into your decoration. Fairy lights, wall decorations, and photo booth props are going to add to the party vibe. Provide easy to use pop up confetti, any young guests will love it. Be creative with your decorations and your house is going to become the ultimate party venue.

Stocking up on bin bags

This might not be an exciting thing, but stocking up on bin bags is going to help when you wake up with a hangover and need to clean up. Your guests should try to tidy up as they go. Sweep your house often so it remains clean.

Taking it to the kitchen

People are going to be in anywhere they like during a party, but make your kitchen your bar area because it is going to make it easier for you to remain organized. Have enough bottle openers, plastic cups, and utensils. Because you are the host, you need to provide a few drinks. It is a good idea to tell attendees to come with their own drinks.

The garden

If you have access to a garden and the weather is nice, then take it outside. Get the garden chairs out and night lights and you will end up with an alternative setting. There is going to be more room to accommodate more guests.

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