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One of the common side effects of aging is droopy eyelids. As you grow old, the muscles around the eyes reduce in elasticity creating new folds which eventually sag. The sagging upper lids can reduce your attractiveness since you will seem like you are closing your eyes. In addition, the droopy lids can undermine your eyesight in the long run, thus making your elderly days feel horrible. Therefore, if you have been struggling with those aging signs, you should reach out to Katy blepharoplasty to turn back the clock and reclaim your attractiveness. Here are 5 tips that will help you prepare fully for eyelid surgery.

Research Whether You Are a Good Candidate

Although blepharoplasty has shown effectiveness in solving many aesthetic concerns, such as bugs underneath the eyes, it may not be fit for certain individuals. For example, the procedure may not be a good option for persons with eyelid ptosis. Therefore, you should contact your doctor to know the cause of your droopy eyelid, which will help you understand whether you are fit to undergo eyelid surgery.

Plan for Help

After the surgery, you may encounter difficulties while driving back home. During the surgery, the specialists use anesthesia to ease the pain. However, the sedation effects, such as tiredness, do not disappear immediately. Therefore, you should inform your close friend or relative about your eyelid surgery and request them to accompany you on your trip. These individuals will also assist you in your recovery period to reduce hassle.

Talk About Your Medications

Some medications can interfere with the success of this surgical procedure. For example, a blood thinner for solving clotting complications can increase the chances of bleeding during eyelid surgery. Therefore, you should disclose your medications for the specialist to inform you of the way forward. Your provider may recommend that you skip these medicines some days before the surgery and offer the necessary alternatives.

Avoid Certain Habits

While anticipating eyelid surgery, it is good to kick the habits that can undermine your immune system. For example, you should limit the intake of alcohol for some weeks before the surgical procedure since the alcoholic compound can expose you to excess bleeding. In addition, if you are a smoker, this is the best time to quit the habit to ensure a smooth recovery after the surgery.

Stock Your Fridge

After the procedure, you may be homebound for a certain period. Therefore, as you prepare for the eyelid surgery, you should order plenty of food and some medications. You should also ensure that these items are on the lower fridge shelves to avoid many struggles when accessing them.

Do you live with droopy eyelids? Millions of individuals develop sagging eyelids as they grow old due to the muscle weakness around their eyes. If you are one of them, you do not have to curse your elderly age anymore since I have great news for you. At his practice in Katy, TX, Dr. John Freeman uses his vast experience in facial anatomy to perform effective eyelid surgery for patients with droopy eyelids, reclaiming their youthful look. Book an online appointment or call their office for more inquiries about the procedure.

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