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The Internet has brought a revolutionary change in the world and with the internet came the advent of video games. Kids and adults spend too much of their time on computers, laptops, gaming devices, and mobile phones for entertainment purposes. While ‘screen time’ has become the new normal, it has a few downsides associated with it. Studies have shown that too much screen time has contributed to childhood obesity, eyestrain, anxiety, sleep and attention issues, behavioral changes, and depression.

As per a survey held in January 2021 of global gaming found about 10 percent of gamers aged between 18-25 years spent an avg of more than 20 hours / week on gaming activities. However, gamers in a specific age group only averaged about 7 weekly hours of gaming. About 12 percent of gamers aged 50 years and over spent more than 20 hours / week on gaming. Console gamers can switch to desktops or can go with one of these best PS4 emulators for PC.

Pretty too much! Isn’t it? Gaming is a habit people adopt for pleasure but some have also taken it professionally. Professionally or for fun, gaming comes with a lot of health concerns and other physical stress that can be dangerous for you.

There are several ways you can reduce the screen you or your child and develop healthy video game habits.


Being in the same position or sitting down for extended periods puts strain on your body especially your spine and back. Many people who grew up playing video game are reported to have irregular body developments and abnormal deviation due to issues in the spinal cord. The number one habit for a video gamer should be to regular exercise and maintain good posture. To have a good and health posture, you should go with one of the best gaming chairs for big guys that can support taller and heavy players as well.

One of the ways you can go for this is to do stretching exercises in the morning and evening. You can also consider doing Yoga. It is necessary to sit down in the correct way to maintain good posture.


Often we have seen how the gamers are usually overweight or obese. Playing video games all day long causes a lack of physical activity. Lack of physical activity causes changes in appetite and changes in healthy eating patterns. To avoid being the fat guy munching on a burger and playing Ninja, adopt healthy gaming habits. Never delay your meal because of a video game. Take more salads in your diet rather than junk food.

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To maintain healthy video gaming habits, you have to manage your time consumption. Spending too much time on the screen, as discussed earlier, is dangerous for your health- but also it ruins your lifestyle. You have to manage your working time or studying time along with your video games. Don’t plan a full day of video gaming ever, it will eventually make your mind dull and brain tired. More than 90% of the gamers in Russia believed it was important to look after mental health, according to survey conducted in 2020.

One way of managing your life with video gaming is that you can enjoy a gaming session of 1-3 hours after a hard day at work or you can just do three hours of study and an hour of a video gaming session. In this way, you can get the habit of rewarding yourself and have fun after you’ve ‘earned it’! No pain, no game!


Friendly advice. Video games should not let you get away from socializing. The health benefits of socialization are beyond your imagination. Socialization is said to improve your mental and emotional health. It boosts the person’s confidence and self-esteem. Gaming can reduce blood pressure and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Playing video games alone in your room may trigger loneliness, socializing reduces loneliness and increases the quality of your life. Make sure you stay social to enjoy a quality life.


Whether you’re playing the video game through your mobile, tablet, or computer device, you have to constantly spend your time on the screen in the same posture. No matter what position you take, your body muscles become indolent as the body does not get the needed amount of physical activity. It is natural for a human being to require daily physical activities to maintain optimal health.

You should have an hour of physical activity per day. It can be a workout in the gym, running, a five-minute exercise, or a simple walk. Your choice!


Gaming is not a bad habit. It has been found to increase creativity and mental sharpness. But, a gamer should not adopt immature behavior. You have to take care of your health also. Make gaming a part of your daily schedule, but don’t switch it to your only daily activity! You have to maintain a balance in your life to enjoy the benefits of everything.

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