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One would think that every new part of the Hitman trilogy is just a big pack of sandbox locations with all sorts of award-winning gadgets. And, in fact, this will not be a mistake: we have the same concept, the same engine, the same mechanics and a similar task – eliminating several targets in the most diverse and beautiful ways on a huge multi-level map. Moreover, this time we are offered to add all the maps released in the previous parts to the new ones, combining all the progress, achievements and awards into one big “Super Hitman” on F95Zone. This is an almost endless sandbox, consisting of more than twenty locations, a long storyline and countless different contracts.

But there are also important differences from the standard set of cards. Each new part of Hitman is a huge bug fix. And the third is even more so than the second. If Hitman 2016 had an incredible number of bugs, and the frame rate was confidently striving for  Cyberpunk 2077 values for PS4, then by the third part we had an extremely smooth, beautiful and smooth picture on the same console. Heaps of bugs gave way to one “blue screen” for the entire passage and a bunch of raw moments in the VR version. More importantly, the concept has changed slightly, which at first may not be noticed. The plot tasks have become much deeper, and their implementation – more difficult. There are many more mysteries and one full-fledged detective story. Well, the most important thing is that if in the two previous Hitman the plot did not seem to intersect with the gameplay at all, and the missions were more like a set of cool and beautiful, but unrelated tasks, then here the narration has become much more coherent and logical.

Of the six global maps, only three have the usual structure. In Argentina, an extraordinary situation awaits us, requiring a much more delicate approach than usual. The Berlin assignment generally suggests that you first calculate the targets, and only then proceed to eliminate them. The last mission is almost linear. However, this variety only makes the game better.

There are practically no gameplay innovations as such. Is that a camera that opens a new type of locks and knows how to take a picture, which can later be shown to someone as evidence for one of the story quests. It is also not worth waiting for fundamentally new gadgets. But there are as many “reskins” of old ones as you like. All of the prize items here are primarily for newbies who have nothing to carry over from older parts. But the main charm of the game, of course, is not this.

The main advantages of Hitman are the location and the variability of the passage. The level designers did their job perfectly. All maps are huge, multi-tiered and have an impressive number of entrances and exits like in difficult person test. In this part, by the way, shortcuts were added to them, accelerating the movement from high-risk zones to the starting territories. Each of the locations is a massive sandbox offering incredible variability. Plus, they’re just fantastic from a visual point of view. So, the top of the BurjKhalifa in Dubai allows you to look at the clouds from top to bottom, and at the same time swim in the luxury of a modern Arabian fairy tale.

Using this map as an example, we studied the game inside and out, trying different ways of passing the main task for strength and spent about 15 hours there. I must say, there were a lot of methods. And some of them are very unobvious. Story missions, where you are almost led by the hand through the script to show the most beautiful ways to eliminate, have become not so easy. At some point, you still have to improvise to move on. But after all the efforts in one variant of the development of the task, both goals are locked in the same room along with 47, where you can do, in fact, anything you want with them. In another mission, no matter how ironic it may sound, we have to pretend to be a hired killer who is rubbing the confidence of one of the victims, photographing a journalist who was allegedly killed for her. Needless to say

The third location is a huge nightclub somewhere on the outskirts of Berlin, built, by the way, right inside the building of an abandoned power plant. Yes, and here you will not have to hunt down anyone, but the killers, who, in fact, are tracking you down at the same time. Chongqing is a true cyberpunk city of our day. The city boggles the imagination and in reality – what can we say about the game. Here, dilapidated high-rise buildings coexist with ultra-modern skyscrapers and secret laboratories. The atmosphere here, by the way, is no less than in Night City from the Polish developers you know well. Argentina sends us to the lazy luxury of South American winemakers. Most of the methods of murder here are somehow connected with wine, which creates a very curious mood. Well, Romania … you will see for yourself.


Yes, the regime is frankly damp. Tracking is not perfect, the mechanics of putting an item back into inventory is exhaustingly excruciating, and bugs are not uncommon. Either the dress of the guide girl regularly lifts up to obscene high, then these hands, which 47 constantly puts out in front of him like Emperor Palpatine, then the sound of breaking glass will disappear somewhere. It is also a little embarrassing that some of the buttons in VR([pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2]) mode change, so you constantly drop your weapon instead of reloading it. All this, however, is a trifle compared to the pleasure you get from the process.

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