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dental emergency

When a dental problem strikes, your first call obviously would be to your dentist. But, if the problem surfaces on a weekend, holiday, or at odd hours? We usually keep the contact information of our regular healthcare provider easily accessible, but seldom imagine a dental emergency. Ignoring early warnings generally is the cause of most dental emergencies, except those arising from an unfortunate accident. You may need the services of a dentist in your city when you are suffering from overwhelming pain from gum disease, wisdom tooth removal, or other issues impacting your teeth/mouth. Visiting an emergency dental clinic in Etobicoke is your best option in these circumstances.

So, what constitutes a dental emergency, and what are the common causes? Let us find out.


Lost tooth

Tooth decay, sports injuries, road accidents, accidents at workplaces are instances when you may suffer tooth loss. When this happens you will need emergency dental care. In some instances, your tooth can be salvaged and attached back into the socket. However, this would be possible only when you can reach an emergency dentist in Etobicoke within about two hours and can safely carry the detached tooth to the dental clinic through reaching your dentist within 30 minutes after the incident will give you the best results. But, the broken tooth should be handled carefully since any damage can prevent re-implantation. You should touch just the crown or top portion of the broken tooth and never touch the root. Gently rinse the broken tooth in a bowl having lukewarm water for under 10 seconds and only if you suspect the presence of foreign matter or dirt. Never scrape, use alcohol or scrub for removing dirt. When feasible, rinse your mouth using warm water and insert the teeth into its correct socket/s and bite using a gauze pad so that the tooth can be held in place. When this is not possible, store the broken tooth in whole milk or between the

gum and cheek to avoid drying.


Broken tooth

Compared to a chipped tooth, a broken tooth is a more serious event. A tooth can break due to a hidden or tiny chip. Nevertheless, you may suffer greater pain and discomfort from a broken tooth. If this happens to you, you should immediately see an emergency dentist for relief.


Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth represents urgent dental care universally. Chicken bones and nuts are often the major culprits that cause chipped tooth and many people have had to rush to a dentist in Etobicoke suburb for relief. A chipped tooth can also arise from accidents and although it may be very embarrassing to socialize with a chipped front tooth, an urgent dental care facility can fix this with ease using a veneer, bond, or a crown.


Lost filling

A filing can be lost at more frequent intervals than we may think. But, when you notice a loss of filling, you should see an emergency dentist in Etobicoke without loss of time. Any delay in addressing the problem can cause further damage to the tooth.


Something getting stuck

Though it might sound funny, tiny fragments from food getting stuck in the wrong places can lead to a dental emergency. When something gets suck deep into a crevice, it can lead to pain and inflammation. This is another instance when you should visit an emergency dentist. 



In many instances of dental emergencies explained above, visiting an emergency dentist in Etobicoke is always more desirable than visiting your regular dentist. An emergency dentist can provide professional assistance that is always needed in such circumstances.

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