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Almost all homeowners around the world face the issue of having pests in their homes, and there are many techniques to get rid of them, whether they have infiltrated your kitchen or other parts of your home. 

These pests can prove to be devastating for your mental, physical, and financial health. Therefore, we have discussed the five most common household pests and the methods you can use to eliminate them from your homes so that you can enjoy mental and physical peace in your home.


  • Mosquitoes:


There may not be a single homeowner in the world who has not observed mosquitoes in his home because they are sneaky pests that enter your homes from narrowest places. They are incredibly dangerous not only because of their bites’ sting but also because they are the transmitters of some deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and encephalitis. 

Therefore, make sure that you prevent these creatures from entering your home by properly sealing windows and other entry points. Moreover, make sure that there are no stagnant water bodies in your home because they serve as the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you have a grassy yard, keep the grass well mown, and use natural repellants like lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint to keep them at bay. If you do not feel comfortable in eliminating these creatures, you can still eliminate mosquitoes today by engaging professional pest services. 


  • Bed Bugs:


Bed bugs are also incredibly dangerous creatures because they can take over your home in no time because of their exponential breeding prowess. Therefore, do not ignore if you experience tiny red bites on your body because it may be a sign that your bedding is infested with bed bugs. Moreover, beware that bed bugs are not self-limiting and love to explore new places. Therefore, if they have invaded your bed, it is highly likely that they have also infested other areas of your home. 

You can eliminate them by vacuuming your home thoroughly and wash all the washables like bedding and curtains in a hot water cycle. Bed bugs cannot withstand extreme temperatures, and therefore applying steam mop to the infested area, or freezing the infested objects will also help in their elimination.  


  • Termites:


Termites can arguably be called the most dangerous pests in terms of how much damage they can cause to your property. They love to munch on dead wood, stumps, and mulch and establish mud tunnels to reach the source of their food, i.e., wooden valuables. 

You can eliminate them by using natural remedies like boric acid, whose solution can be made with water, which can then be sprayed on the infected area to get rid of termites. Moreover, you can use cardboard soaked in water, and offer it as a bait to termites by placing it against the infested object. Take the cardboard outside and burn it. Repeat the process until there are no termites left. 


  • Fleas:


As more people worldwide are becoming aware of animal safety, the number of pet animals has also been increasing. However, these animals, especially furry dogs, are often used as carriers by six-legged pests called fleas. Fleas do not only suck blood, and trigger allergic reactions, but they can also cause dangerous diseases like typhus and tapeworms.

You can minimize the possibility of their existence by vacuuming your home regularly and immediately disposing of the dust bag. Moreover, make sure that you wash your pets with soap frequently, and check their skin for fleas when they come from outside. 


  • Ants:


Ants are one of the most common household pests, and they look for damp and warm places. You can mostly find them under your flooring and behind the walls. Therefore, to eliminate them from entering your home, make sure that you seal all the cracks to eliminate their entry points. You can also put spices and other natural repellants on their potential entry points to keep them at bay. 


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