5 Must-Have Tools To Scale Your Business In 2020

When running an online business, everyone wants their business to get the best results. But when the competition comes into play, it becomes very daunting to accomplish what you desire. That is actually a good thing though, because it motivates you to do better and stay consistent.

Suppose you want your business to do better. In that case, you must take competition into consideration and see what your competitors are up to, steal their marketing tactics and develop a better strategy.

You want to look at what works for them, e.g., how much traffic their page generates, where they are running their ads on, what keywords they are using, do they use organic keywords 100% or are they also using paid keywords?

Now, as important as all of this is, you simply cannot do this stuff all by yourself anymore. There are specialized online tools made for this work. Out of all the tools on the internet, we’re going to be covering the 5, which are best for you.


With the right approach towards SEO, you can get your business to flourish exponentially in the nick of time. And to do that, Ubersuggest comes into play. Many influencers have reviewed Ubersuggest as one of the best and most effective keywords tools out there.It is a free SEO tool that helps you get keyword suggestions for your content and learn more about your competitors. Here’s an example of what it does:


You can use Ubersuggest for all of your keyword research, such as for SEO purposes, PPC campaigns or to get ideas for new content to write. Plus, the easy-to-use traffic analyzer gives you insight into not only yours but your competitor’s website as well. Things like the organic keywords they are using, which of them are bringing traffic, their overall top pages, their backlink analysis etc.

Ubersuggest also lets you complete an all-inclusive site audit upto of 150 pages for free, revealing all the errors and showing what is to be fixed. It provides features much like other paid tools (like Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRush, etc.) but for free.


Ubersuggest is entirely free to try, and you get a ton of features for free, especially when compared to the other tools that either make you sign up for a trial, or don’t give out as many features for free, or are just plain expensive.

You can also get the premium version for people managing more websites or wanting access to more data to get the best out of it.

Their subscription plans are as follow:

Individual : $12/mo (Entrepreneurs & small businesses. Managing 1-3 websites.)

Business :  $20/mo (Small & medium businesses. Managing 4-7 websites.)

Enterprise / Agency : $40/mo (Large businesses & agencies. Managing 8+ websites)


Research shows that selling a product or service through email can increase 20% of selling opportunities. Email marketing is one the most effective ways to get new customers. It’s a way of reaching customers directly without them having to look for your services.

With EmailAnalytics, you can track performances to an email extent. EmailAnalytics allows users the ability to track and visualize their (or their team’s) email use and keep track of Gmail metrics that are important. It gives you in-depth data on things like the average email response time, top senders & recipients, email activity by hour of the day, email activity by day of the week etc.


EmailAnalytics ensures 100% privacy and security, while also having data access only for the purpose of automated analysis. That means none of your email content is being stored on their servers.

Email data is collected and reported through an easy to use dashboard area full of reporting features and options all in real-time. You can also segment team members into groups which helps to show you who are the top performers and who’s behind.


EmailAnalytics has no software to install and credit card requirements for their 14-day free trial period. $15/month per mailbox. Here are some pros to this tool:

  • No commitment required; billing is monthly
  • You can cancel at any time
  • Bulk discounts are available if you have 5 or more users in your team.


Nacho Analytics is an online tool that can help you set up your competitors’ analytics in your own hand. It uncovers the best conversion tactics of competitors and makes use of that data to help you convert more customers. You can find out which part of your competitors’ website converts the highest and see live sales to accordingly curate your own pricing and strategies.


Once you set up your competitors’ website into the tool, a new property will load directly into your actual Google Analytics. That means you can check into their real-time conversions, goals, traffic sources, and content, just like your own Google Analytics. It has a solid reputation among marketers and works with various browser add-ons to create a solid replica of your competitors’ analytics account.


Their subscription plans are as follow:

Nacho Uno: $39/mo (1 Website, $30 per additional website, 2 users)

Nachos Grande:  $79/mo (5 Websites, $20 per additional website, 10 users)

Nachos Supreme: $119/mo (10 Websites, $10 per additional website, 20 users)


Adbeat makes your digital advertising campaign work for you, bringing it to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Through Adbeat, you can optimize your advertising strategy to save your budget and unveil the competitor’s marketing strategy. It helps you find out the possibility of getting the best quality traffic through

Adbeat has data and insights on many ad networks, including the Google Display Network, Adblade and others.

It’s a tool that instantly uncovers your competition’s online ad strategy, helping you find out what’s working for them and what’s not. As a result, you don’t have spend your own time or efforts doing split testing because your competitors do that for you.

As the above image shows, Adbeat uses its spiders and crawlers to collect data from over 100 thousand sites. Which means every data that it presents is correct on a daily basis.


The subscription plan for Adbeat is:

Standard – $249/month

Advanced – $399/month

Enterprise – need to contact for price


Calendar is a rather new calendar app that works as a web application as well as for iOS and Android devices. The calendar app uses machine learning to do most of the work for you. It learns your contacts, schedule, analytics and tasks. Then, it takes over the things you would typically have to do manually when arranging meetings.


It knows where you are and when you will be in a meeting or available. No more 3 a.m. meetings because you didn’t factor in that you were traveling. Trying to book a meeting with multiple people is no problem either. You can easily set up all the contacts you want to invite and it will only show you the times that work for everyone.

Calendar also lets you combine any other calendars you are using, such as Apple Calendar and Google Calendar, etc. What you have on those calendars can now be visible in your Calendar app so you have a real-time view of everything in your business and personal lives. Plus, you can choose to share this information or some part of it with others.


Their basic packages for individuals and teams are free.

Calendar Pro: $8/month (adds transcriptions, multiple calendar time slots, and advanced calendar analytics).

Calendar Pro Teams: $6/month (2 – 200 members, unlimited, customizable scheduling time slots per person or team, a customizable link to share with guests so they can pick a time and date to meet based on your availability. You can now find a time to meet with up to 200 team members & guests)

So there you have it. These are the very best five online tools that will help you if you’re looking to scale your business in 2020. Do you know about any other tool that we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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