Thu. May 23rd, 2024
5 Plants You Need to Include in Your Stunning Garden

In any garden, plants and flowers create a sense of natural beauty amidst a modern setting. Your plants don’t just provide aesthetic value to your home, but they also foster wellness, unlock creativity, and create a relaxing and restful environment. Nowadays, people must have an outdoor space where they can look after their wellbeing due to the events happening in the world. If you plan to upgrade your garden or add new greenery, consider placing these five plants on your landscaping.


Evergreens are fantastic foliage that adds depth to your yard. But if your garden doesn’t have room for towering trees, get evergreen shrubs such as boxwoods. These small-growing trees are excellent foundation plants suitable for creating borders and outlines in your garden. Prune them into square or sphere shapes to make your yard look more appealing and well-assembled.


Coleus plants are annual and perennial herbs that are great for decorating your garden. They come in various shades of green, reds, oranges, pinks, purples, bronzes, and yellows. Their rich colors are perfect for mimicking flower beds and outlines. Plant coleus on areas close to your fences and walls. Doing so recreates the colorful hedge-like borders of The Silk Residences’ outdoor space. From above, your vibrant coleus will look like pretty flowers in full bloom.

Coleus can grow in mild and temperate climates, making them suitable for gardens in warmer temperatures. You might find deep red coleus in many Filipino home gardens and public parks, such as the Rizal Park in Manila and La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City.


Colorful hydrangeas are flowering shrubs suitable for creating structure and clean lines on your front porch or backyard. They are easy to grow and can thrive in spring up to late autumn. Hydrangeas also add more attractive value to your home if you have plans to sell your property.

Hydrangeas love sunlight, so it is best to place them in your outdoor area’s sunny spots. If you plan to use them as a hedge, give them a few feet between each other so they can grow and spread without suffocating each other. 


Add more pops of color into your garden by planting lavender in sunny spots. Their purple shades create an exciting contrast against other green plants in your yard. Lavender also smells really fragrant and repels mosquitoes. Dry some of the flowers to make potpourri. Your house will smell fresh while keeping the pesky bugs away.


Trees provide ample shade in your outdoor area. However, bare spots under trees may look unsightly and unappealing—plant hostas on the shady spots under your trees to cover these blank areas. Hosta flowers may not stand out like other flowering plants, but their wide blue and green leaves provide definition to your yard.

 As a whole, it is crucial to choose greeneries that are easy to grow, survive almost all temperatures, and complement your garden’s theme and other plants. Start with these five plants and see which will make your garden more beautiful and balanced. 

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