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Boats are not just vessels used for fishing or just a means of transportation; they also provide accommodation. You would be surprised about the number of people who actually live on boats and we are not just talking about fishermen who live at sea for days or months but people who actually prefer to live on boats.

Boats are awesome and they provide so many benefits to their owners. For people who live on boats, there are so many lessons that can be learned from living on a boat. Surprisingly, these lessons also apply to real life.

  • Living on boat means lace of space

Living on a boat affords you a lot of space and lots of time. it doesn’t matter where your boat is located, either in the harbor or on the lake, sea or ocean, there is enough space and time for you to do anything you want.

You have enough space to do whatever you want. You can pick up a book you have always wanted to read and enjoy it. The stillness of the water will provide the kind of tranquility you need to enjoy and assimilate whatever you read.

Someone once likened living on a boat to living in a tent but this time, with walls surrounding you. With the ‘walls’ of the boat, there are lots of things to do and achieve when you set your mind to it.

  • Marinas can be disgusting and dirty

Living on a boat may always mean your boat is situated or located on a marina. There are so many marinas in the world and when you see pictures of them taken from the sky or land, they look so beautiful and awesome. Unfortunately, not all marinas are truly awesome.

Some marinas can be disgusting and dirty. Many of them are no advisable places to hang out in. Lots of the boats there contain trash that the owners refuse to get rid of in time and they begin to smell. And many boat will drain waste water by pump at marinas. Most of the time, it depends on the type of neighbors whose boats are also located where one has his or hers.

  • You never know what will happen in next hour

Anything can happen anytime when living on a boat. This is another thing to know about living on a boat. The same thing can happen anywhere anyway. A friend of mine has his boat on a marina. He was watching a movie one day when suddenly, two people ran into the boat. A man and a woman and they were barely dressed.

Their boat had just arrived at the marina the previous day. They were fighting and their fight led them from their own boat to his. He said it was the craziest day of his life and he would not forget that day in a hurry. He had to call security before the two could be pulled apart. 

As long as you are in the boat, anything can happen anytime. You should put that in mind.

  • Trusting your partner is an absolute need

Anywhere can be a dangerous place and this statement also applies to boats. If you have a partner on the boat with you, this is an advantage. Being alone some of the time can be dangerous. As stated earlier, anything can happen anytime and when such a thing happens, you may need someone to help you out of a jam.

It is absolutely important that you trust your partner. The more your partner knows about you, your health and any other important things, the better he or she will be able to help you. There are many things you may have no knowledge of but which your partner could.

  • All things can fly

All things can fly as long as the necessary push or force is applied. The things in your boat can fly around. Imagine when a large wave or a storm hits the boat. This can cause the boat to shake or move and anything that is not tightened can fly around and cause hurt. 

It is imperative to make sure that everything that is light or that can cause damage is locked down tight or well-kept and not in the open. 

  • The potential for adventure is endless

Living on a boat opens up a whole lot of adventure. The potential is simply endless. There are lots of activities that can be carried out when you are on a boat. There are lots of games to play and lots of entertainment.

There are so many places to explore when you have a free time. You can go on the adventure alone or with friends, if you wish. Staying on a boat is addictive and making lasting memories is possible when you have an adventure.

If you’re living in your boat, you want to make it the safest and most comfortable environment for you. Good lighting is essential to build the perfect home where you will feel secure and comfortable. That said, make sure to equip your vessel with new LED marine lights in strategic places to increase visibility, functionality, comfort, and beauty.

  • You never know what and when one thing is useful

Anything can be useful at any time if you live on a boat and you may never know. It may be a random observation or anything at all. It just becomes stored in your memory until it becomes useful later. 

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