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The difference between commercial and residential plumbing is not a very prominent topic. After all, water pipes are water pipes. One might wonder why these two have to be different. Right? 

The question that we are going to answer in the next few paragraphs. These points will clearly differentiate between the specific skill-sets required for residential and commercial plumbing. The duties might coincide but these skill-sets are not totally congruent. 

The points of difference

Let’s go through the points of difference and understand whether a commercial plumber or residential plumber will be appropriate for a particular issue. People looking for cheap plumbers must go through these points of difference. 

  • The complexity of plumbing equipment used

Commercial and residential plumbing have different demands. The scale of operations of a residential plumber is somewhat smaller than that of the commercial plumber. The two settings demand different powers and sizes of plumbing equipment. 

For example, commercial plumbers working in large factories and buildings need large boilers as opposed to smaller equipment requirements in domestic duties. Life stations, side sewer lines, and industrial-grade pipes and fixtures will be required for commercial duties. The most complicated tasks of a residential plumber are fixing a water heater or resolving a clogged toilet or home appliances. These are relatively smaller in terms of complexity. 

  • Involving personal interactions and judgments

Residential plumbers can be involved in personal interactions with homeowners, whereas, how much are plumbers don’t have that freedom. The tasks they are assigned when commercial duties are not prone to their personal judgments. 

Moreover, residential plumbers can have a sense of connection with the homeowner due to one-on-one communication. Residential plumbers generally don’t get involved in large-scale, industrial, less personal, and Commercial projects. Whereas, commercial plumbers can perform duties that are a superset of those of residential plumbers. 

  • The complexity of the system

A residential plumber only has to keep a few people in mind while laying out the plan for a house and its plumbing components. Whatever task he performs only involves the stake of a handful of people. 

On the other hand, commercial plumbers’ tasks have a lot of importance as a lot of people are affected. They generally handle a commercial building, workplace, industry, or factory. Usually, these buildings require a stronger drainage system including outlets, inlets, pipes, and extra water pressure. Handling such a complex system requires better training and experience. 

  • Legal obligations to fulfill

Undoubtedly, every plumber has to gain certification of practice to perform plumbing duties. However, commercial plumbers’ certification is different for obvious reasons. This certification depends upon the experience and skill he has. These skills must reflect the complexity of commercial duties. 

A residential plumber also needs a certification but the testing process is less rigorous. He has to handle residential structures which are usually less complicated. 

  • The working hours

While the working hours of a residential are more or less defined, it’s the total opposite for a commercial. Commercial plumbers are in shortage because a company might have to hire two different people for one day. Emergency plumbing can be defined well in commercial plumbers.

Residential plumbers are mostly only called on weekends even for emergencies like burst pipes, clogged or overflowing toilets, water heater repair, etc. A commercial plumber can be called anytime because of a higher number of people being affected by the issue. Any in-depth plumbing process in a large building/factory is mostly carried out at night for commercial buildings. 

  • Some examples of assigned duties

The following are some examples of duties assigned to a residential plumber.

  1. Residential water pipes install and repair
  2. Water heater repair
  3. Solving issues of clogged toilets and pipes
  4. Analysis of the water distribution system

The following are some examples of what commercial plumbers have to handle. 

  1. Commercial kitchens and bathrooms
  2. Sewer and water lines
  3. Industrial plumbing
  4. Sprinkler system integration
  5. Analysis of water flow of large buildings/city/town

The final word

While commercial plumbers can handle residential duties, it is unlikely that a residential plumber can resolve commercial plumbing issues. It is evident from the above points as the system a commercial plumber handles is much more complicated in terms of scale. Remember, we are, in no way, underestimating the skills of a residential plumber. 

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