Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Black Pearl Capital Partners (“BPCP”) today announced that it has invested in Hantec Markets Limited in an effort to help expand its presence in the European retail Forex (FX) market, one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world. As a member of the Hantec Group, the UK based Hantec Markets is part of a dynamic expansion from China to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and now to Europe.

“The FX market produces a higher leverage than the standard stock loan agreement which has always made it attractive for banks and larger financial institutions. Today through new currency trading technology services from Hantec Markets, any trader can tap into this market,” said Reza Irani-Kermani, CEO of Black Pearl Capital. “We believe that there are huge opportunities in this online market and therefore we are helping Hantec Markets establish itself as a dominant force in the European online Forex space.”

The global Forex market is larger than the stock and futures markets combined, with an estimated USD 4 trillion traded each day. It operates 24 hours 5.5 days per week offering traders huge opportunities to benefit from fluctuations in the currency markets. As there is no structural bias to the FX market, trading in Forex provides an equal prospective in rising and falling markets.

“BPCP bring a valuable investment into Hantec Markets as they come with a wealth of experience due to their diverse board and international investment strategy. These credentials will assist Hantec Markets in achieving its expansion targets along with continued grown and profitability,” said Bashir Nurmohamed, CEO of Hantec Markets.

Authorised and regulated by the FSA, Hantec Markets can provide its services in any European Economic Area country according to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

About Black Pearl Capital Partners

Black Pearl Capital Partners is a private equity fund with a committed capital of USD 50m set up and managed by Black Pearl Capital (“BPC”).

Reza Irani – Chief Executive Officer

Reza Irani co-founded Black Pearl Capital with Abbas Jafarian in 2007. He was formerly on the board of the Albert Abela Corporation and Sogeres SA, being one of the youngest executives ever to hold such positions.

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